Breathe Deep The Dark - 1998 - Metal Blade
Transition - 2001 - Metal Blade

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History & Biography
Formed following the demise of New Eden, America-based Destiny's End is a heavy metal band emphasizing pure metal as only James Rivera can deliver. In May of 2000 guitarist Grayson left the band to pursue publishing and literature including contributing to Metal Maniacs. He was later sighted in Relentless and Artisan though.

Transition is a concept opus inspired by Classical composer Vivaldi. The album was produced by Warrior member Joe Floyd. Spring of 2001 saw the band play at the Classic Metal Festival in the USA. 2001 also saw some uncertainty as regards the band and Rivera joining Flotsam & Jetsam on the road in the USA. The singer was later to join Seven Witches whose new line-up debuted at the Classic Metal Fest II in Cleveland, USA in 2002.

James Rivera, guitarist Eric Halpern and Symphony X bassist Mike Lepond convened in a new band called Distant in 2003.



Destiny's End