Urban Being - 2007 - Howling Bull
The King Is Fat’N’Old - 2010 - Coroner
Are You Kidding Me? No. - 2014 - Metal Blade
A Means to No End – 2016 – Metal Blade
The Chosen One – 2019 – Metal Blade

Destrage image
G= MATTEO DI GIOIA – Winteropera, Breach The Void, Starbynary>>RALPH SALATI>>Winteropera, Breach The Void, Starbynary
B= Arkenemy, Node, Embryo>>Gabriel Pignata>>Arkenemy, Embryo
D= Amniotic Count, Embryo, Choirs Of Veritas>>FEDERICO PAULOVICH>>Embryo, Choirs Of Veritas

The band that hails from Milan was formed in 2002 and prides itself on mixing it up. The band’s first demo was 2005’s Code To Emptiness, which was followed by 2006’s Self ID Generator. The group lost guitarist Marco Tafuri, a bassist and a drummer in 2005. Ettore Rigotti from Disarmonia Mundi produced the second demo - a collaboration that would continue. This lead to a deal in Japan with Howling Bull and two years later with the Italian label, Coroner Records. The band’s debut was issued in 2009. The band’s second full-length was issued in the autumn of 2010.

The band’s debut with Metal Blade was out in 2014. Embryo would play at Total Metal Festival with Federico Paulovich on drums. Gabriel Pignata would join Embryo on stage for the next Italian gigs and future shows as of 2019. The Chosen One came in the spring of 2019 and was supported by multiple videos. Gabriel Pignata left the band however. He claimed he wanted to focus on his other projects.

The pandemic cancelled a number of shows for the band in the next two years. The band was booked at UK Tech-Metal Fest and Euroblast festivals in 2022.


Normally, this type of a band and album would not pass through the metallized pen of this girl, but when Mr. Metallian gave me the album with a command to review there was nothing to do but obey.
Well, Destrage does include mallcore, hardcore and metalcore and breakdowns and alternative and many other things in its music, and that is a terrible thing, but the Italian have a fine sense of humour not to mention some metal and soloing that is worthy of a listen. First, the production is thick, groovy and juicy and abets the band’s efforts. Second, the band does channel good soloing (Van Halen on Smell You Later Fishy Bitch) into its repertoire. These guys can wield an axe all right. The humour is there in the aforementioned title and Panda Vs. Koala and Home Made Chili Delicious Italian Beef with a superb intro courtesy of The Family Guy. Despite all that there are too many boy band vocals, breakdowns, hiccup vocals and whahaveyou for a real metal fans to take this seriously. Jade’s Place goes acoustic, Neverending Mary is Slipnutty and so on. Nü metal really sucks. The cover is also very boring. The average grade is based on a thick sound that shines with ability when the band wants to despite a general disinclination that pervades more often than not. - Anna Tergel