Mors Aeterna – 2020 - Argonauta

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S= Venus Victrix, Poor Bastards Revolt!>>STEVE COLCA>>Venus Victrix, Poor Bastards Revolt!
G= Venus Victrix, Abject Terror>>KEEGAN KJELDSEN>>Venus Victrix, Abject Terror - Poor Bastards Revolt!>>STEVE COLCA>>Poor Bastards Revolt!
B= Venus Victrix>>Jeff Klein>>Venus Victrix, Abject Terror – NICK COFFMAN
D= Venus Victrix>>KELLY "PENNY" TURNER>>Venus Victrix

The Texans were formed in 2012. A 2012 demo was called Live At Ruta Maya. An eponymous demo was also issued in the same year. Following 2014’s Bizarre Tales Vol. 2, Battleground Records released a split for the band with Godhunter. Doom band Destroyer Of Light confirmed a string of tour dates spanning the Western US in late June into mid-July of 2016. The band was working on an album. 2017 brought a demo, called Chamber Of Horrors, through the band’s imprint Heavy Friends Records. Klein left in 2017. 2018 brought a digital EP named Hopeless.

Argonauta Records of Italy released the band’s Mors Aeterna album in the spring of 2022. Nick Coffman was on bass. The Generational Warfare demo followed in 2020. Midnight Worship culled tracks from different recordings in 2020.

The members were also active in heavy rock band Venus Victrix.



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