Maximum Destruction - 1986 - Auburn
Forever In Leather – 2007 - Auburn
Live Cleveland – 1985 – H.M.S.S.
Back In Bondage – 2015 - Pure Steel
Decibel Casualties – 2017 - Auburn
Blood, Bone, And Fire - 2023 - Shadow Kingdom

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Spacecore, Vulgar Devils>>DAVE OVERKILL [DAVE JUST]>>Spacecore, Vulgar Devils

Spacecore, Vulgar Devils>>DAVE OVERKILL [DAVE JUST]>>Spacecore, Vulgar Devils - Nucleon>>Pat Rabid Wolowiecki>>Nucleon – Breaker, Wretch>>Nick Annihilator [Nick Giannakos]>>Wretch - Dead Earth>>MARK HELLHOUND [MARK HARDY]

Dave Holocaust [Dave Iannicca] – Hangnail, Boulder, Abdullah, Mach II, Midnight>>Jamie Boulder>>Midnight, Mach II – Eternal Legacy, Wretch>>TIM HAMMER [TIM FREDERICK]>>Eternal Legacy, Wretch

Hellion>>Matt Flammable>>Vulgar Devils – Hellion, Vulgar Devils>>MATT FLAMMABLE [MATT SCHINDELAR]>>Vulgar Devils

History & Biography
Ohio, USA' Destructor was formed as a violent power/death metal band in 1984 and released a demo called Smash Your Skulls With Power. Exciter's February 1984 album Violence & Force featured a song called Destructor. Playing their first show in October of 1984, the band utilized make up on stage. The debut was recorded in December of 1985 and released soon after. Live shows with the likes of Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth followed. The band had planned to enter the studio to record an album called Decibel Casualties when bassist Dave Holocaust was killed in 1988. The band reformed in 2000 and announced another album would be out soon. Listenable Records re-released the debut with six unreleased tracks on CD, but would drop the band upon hearing the newer material.

A bassist called Dennis Fuldabar would also join. Another bassist soon was Jamie Boulder. Auburn Records issued a MCD of the band in 2003, called Sonic Bullet. The group also travelled to the Bang Your Head festival for a performance in 2003. A new full-length was due in 2005.

The band picked Forever In Leather as the title for its album in 2007, which was due on April 13th through Auburn Records. The album was issued with some delay in that year and the group was booked for Wacken 2008 in Germany. Destructor entered Supernatural Sound Studio in Ohio in October of 2011 in order to record an album, Decibel Casualties, for a 2012 release through Auburn Records. The release was delayed following the departure of Pat Rabid and bassist Boulder. The band wanted the newer members to play on the record. Drummer Matt left, but soon returned. The title for the album was inspired by the band’s old demo. Moreover songs from that era were to appear on the record. In 2015, Pure Steel Records signed speed/thrash metal band Destructor to a three-album deal. Pure Steel would release the Back In Bondage material for the band and follow up with a new album. Back In Bondage was meant to be the band’s second album in 2001 and was finally reworked and re-released. Pat Rabid Wolowiecki died in 2018. He had diabetes.

Mark Hellhound became the second guitarist in 2022. Midnight's 20th anniversary concert was in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in October 2023 and featured Black Death, Assault, Nunslaughter, Necroprophecy and Destructor. The group’s Blood, Bone, And Fire full-length was available through Shadow Kingdom Records in late 2023.


Destructor was the band that drew the most metallic gazes in the mid-'80s for its completely studded leather metal attire - a trait it coincidentally shared with Destruction. The American pounding metallers were an underground sensation with the release of Maximum Destruction, albeit for a short time before quickly disappearing.
In tandem with nearly every other metal band in the cosmos (with the exception of Keel!) Destructor is now back and out to impress with Forever In Leather. The excellent title aside, the album is less death metal like Slayer, Possessed or Necrophagia and more Anthrax and Overkill. Now being more a fan of Haunting The Chapel than State Of Euphoria the style is disappointing at Metallian Towers, although it still must be said that Destructor is extreme and underground at best and deserves a tip of the hat for its conviction and devotion to metal at worst. The group’s debut was issued over twenty years ago. There are weaker filler here, like Straight To Hell, but stronger songs like Tear Down The Heavens are not absent either. The solos rip like the olden days, while Dave Overkill’s vocals need more grit and less yell. Unfortunately though, hammering death metal songs like Pounding Warriors is not what Forever In Leather is made up of as a whole. - Ali “The Metallian”