Damned For Eternity>>Aphasia>>DESTRUKTOR - AUSTRALIA

Nailed – 2009 – Hells Headbangers
Opprobrium – 2015 – Hells Headbangers

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Nocturnal Vomit, Funerary Pit>>GLENN>>Nocturnal Vomit, Funerary Pit – Armageddon Holocaust>>Jarro Raphael>>Nocturnal Graves, Impious Baptism


Nocturnal Vomit, Nocturnal Graves>>Regan>>Nocturnal Vomit, Nocturnal Graves – Veil Of Anguish>>Brad Ollis>>Veil Of Anguish, AK-11, Malichor, Starfallen

Abominator>>Chris Volcano - Armageddon Holocaust, Destroyer 666>>Jarro>>Hobbs Angel Of Death, Sithlord, Trench Hell, Coffin Lust, Nocturnal Graves, Impious Baptism, Black Serpent - Destroyer 666>>>Jarro Raphael – JAHRED [JAHRED MAWDSLEY]

History & Biography
Destruktor was born from the ashes of Aphasia which dated back to 1995. Designed in the tradition of the extreme Aussie death metal bands like Bestial Warlust, Destroyer 666 and Sadistic Execution the destruktors issued a demo called The Holy Trinity... Denied in 1997. The line-up at this point was singer/bassist and guitarist Glenn and former Destroyer 666 drummer Jarro. Bassist Regan joined a year later.

The band went into hiatus and many hiccups until 2001 when bolstered by the Abominator drummer Chris volcano the band recorded a 7” called Brutal Desecration through Decisus Productions.. Jarro came back into the fold and the band recorded a split single with NunSlaughter. The band then recorded an EP called Nuclear Storm in December of 2002. Jarro again left the band. The vinyl version only appeared in 2004 and the CD version, delayed because of yet another lying label, only appeared in 2005. Another EP was planned this time with Bestial Mockery.

The album Nailed came in late 2009.


It would be so easy to describe these Aussie maniaxe as hells headbangers, but that would be like stealing from the label. Instead, past a completely misleading intro of doom, the four songs on offer are an ungodly mixture of Blasphemy, early Kreator and Bestial Warlust. Indeed, Destruktor belongs to the same school of misthought as the rest of the Australian brutalizing mob, namely the aforementioned Bestial Warlust, Corpse Molestation, Sadistic Execution and others. The presence of two vocals implies a difference in singing styles, although the bottom line is unyielding and unchanging. The songs might be old by now, yet nothing will deter this mini disc from decapitating the average Joe. Pounding metal! - Ali “The Metallian”