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History & Biography
Détente was an acclaimed thrash metal band from California, USA. The group was formed in 1984 by Dawn Crosby and Denis Butler. The two were joined by guitarist Jim Tutone and bassist Robert Farr and recorded a demo, The line-up which appeared on the album was formed next and recorded a demo. Fear Of God went on to bigger acclaim and a major record deal. The band fell apart amidst much acrimony among the members. Dawn and Dennis were in Fear Of God, but three members formed Catalepsy, which was a song from Recognize No Authority. Crosby died in December of 1996 from liver failure. She was born in 1962. Robinson went on to become a well-known mallcore, rap and hip hop producer. The band’s album was re-issued in December of 2006 through Cognitive Records. It was originally produced by Dana Strum of Slaughter fame who had many disagreements with the band during the recording. Détente was confirmed for 2008’s Headbangers Open Air festival, which would take place July 24-26th, 2008 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany. Surprisingly, Hellion’s Ann Boleyn and Agent Steel’s guitarist Juan Garcia joined Détente members Caleb Quinn (guitar), Steve Hochheiser (bass) and Dennis Butler (drums) to perform as Détente at July 2008’s Headbangers Open Air festival. Things changed within a month however. Guitarist Juan Garcia was out and Michael Carlino of Fear Of God fame had replaced him because "due to scheduling conflicts, Juan was unable to play. The bands continue to be mutual friends and supporters with possible Agent Steel/Détente shows in the future.” The reformed Détente was seeking a second guitarist in 2009. Applicants wishing to join the California-based band were asking to email a digital sample of their work to guitar@detenterna.com. Beside mainstay drummer Dennis Butler, the group was guitarist Caleb Quinn, bassist Steve Hocheiser and Hellion singer Ann Boleyn. Detente replaced vocalist Ann Boleyn (Hellion) with Tiina Teal of Burn The Empire in late 2009. The band was recording a new album. Detente was confirmed to play with Onslaught in Oslo, Norway on May 21st of 2010 in what was being promoted as Back To School Night. Onslaught was to play its original 1986 set while Détente was playing material from both Recognize No Authority and the upcoming Decline albums. A few dates into its European tour in May of 2010 Detente was forced to cancel the rest of the dates due to illness within the band. Bassist Steve Hochheiser was recovering from surgery to remove his Gallbladder. The band severed ties with EU Distributer Music By Mail. The band believed that MBM had not met the obligations of their agreement and rather than have a bad relationship both sides had agreed to go their own ways.

Détente, which had issued an album called Decline, called it a day in December of 2010 citing the day-to-day responsibilities of the members as the reason.

The act re-appeared for the Witches Hex festival in 2019. A couple of tracks were also uploaded. Rob Farr died in 2021. Xtreem Music released a live album by Détente on CD and vinyl in 2022. Official Live ’86 Bootleg was recorded at the Country Club in Reseda, California, USA on August 29th, 1986. It was the band’s last show with the Recognize No Authority line-up. The band was back and booked to play its 1986 album Recognize No Authority in its entirety at the Metal Threat Fest Illinois, USA on April 16th 2023.


Recognize No Authority is of course a 20-year old album often described as a 'classic' which is now re-released by the band. The band formed around the personality of manic vocalist Dawn Crosby is essentially an '80s crossover band, but what is really stark about this record is the hardcore cover picture and album title. It can hardly get much more punk than these.
On the musical front, Crosby’s raspy bark is backed by a simplistic, grating, merciless mid-paced thrashcore that takes cue after cue from Megadeth (the group’s biggest influence), DRI and Hirax. The odd guitar solo, while noisy, is actually interesting with my favourite being the one on Shattered Illusions. The odd early Exodus vocal pattern and riff is present too. Just check out Blood I Bleed a song about the fate of women in contemporary society. Incidentally, as another nod to hardcore, songs like Loser, Russian Roulette and Holy War are politically topical and showcase the other side of a band bent on noise mongering with impunity.
Bands, musicians, labels and the media are extremely generous with words like 'classic', 'cult' and 'legendary' nowadays rendering the whole classification as nonsense of course. Ignoring those very assertions here, Recognize No Authority is nonetheless an interesting album and deserving of a sixty/above average mark. - Ali “The Metallian”
PS: A big FOAD to the sell-out fad master Ross Robinson whose has-been so-called career has already so badly gone down hill that this mention will ironically be his biggest hurrah for 2007.