In Ancient Beliefs - 2001 - Repulse
The Faithless - 2010 - Xtreem

Deteriorot image
G= Mortuary>>PAUL ZAVALETA - Will Kuberski - Cyber Christ, Kalopsia>>STEVE HORVATH>>Kalopsia
B= Chris Machado>>Ill Nino - Mortuary>>Paul Zavaleta - Digested Flesh>>ROB SOLBERG>>Digested Flesh
D= Jon Brody>>LOMF - Engorge, Bloodthrone>>OMAR DAVILA

The band was formed in 1990 by singer/guitarist Paul Zavaleta and Jon Brody on drums. After recruiting bassist Jim Hoffmann and second guitarist Will Kuberski, the quartet released a Rehearsal '91 and a demo '92. Shows with Entombed and Obituary followed. The band signed with Afterworld Records and recorded a 7" EP entitled Ceremonies Of Blasphemy. The EP was never released. In stepped Spain's Drowned Productions and, now featuring bassist Chris Machado, an EP entitled Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits was recorded. A full-length was planned, but after Drowned's difficulty with its parent company and its eventual demise the plans were abandoned. Chris Machado left the fold and the band broke up.

Six years passed and the band returned in 2000. Will Kuberski soon left however; regardless the band signed to Drowned's successor Repulse Records and released an album called In Ancient Beliefs. Zavaleta played bass on this recording. After adding a second guitarist called Mike Greenfield in 2001, 2002 meant the band could play several shows (including Metal Meltdown) and recorded a Slayer cover of Read Between The Lies for a WWIII Records cover sampler. By the end of 2002 new bassist O.D. Lallo (of The Stony Branch Band) and Jon Brody had defected from the line-up and formed a band called LOMF described as, "Primus meets Slayer."

Deteriorot's comeback album The Faithless was out in June of 2010 through Xtreem Music, the successor to Repulse Records. The band now featured only one surviving member. The song In Ancient Beliefs was rerecorded here.