Dorval - 1994 - Progress Red
We Will Get What We Deserve - 2021 - Emanzipation

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Conspirazy>>Peter Jorgensen>>Conspirazy, Melted, Alkymist - Dreadlord, Fjorsvartnir, Satanic Assault Division, Terror Sound>>SIMON SPRINGBORG>>Terror Sound

Ole Christensen - Hellraiser, S.D.I.D., Gnoresis, Enuresis, Cyborg, Wasted>>JOHN PETERSEN>>Gnoresis, Enuresis, Cyborg, Wasted

Hellraiser, S.D.I.D., Gnoresis, Enuresis, Cyborg, Wasted>>John Petersen>>Gnoresis, Enuresis, Cyborg, Wasted - Dreadlord, Fjorsvartnir, Satanic Assault Division, Terror Sound>>SIMON SPRINGBORG>>Terror Sound

Saturnus, S.D.I.D., Wasted>>Jesper Bonnesen>>Saturnus, S.D.I.D., Wasted - Hellraiser, Furious Trauma>>Brian Andersen>>Furious Trauma, Dominus, Thrash Of The Titans, Metallica Jam - Fairytale Abuse, Svartsot, Indoctrination, Illnath, Blackhorned, Eldjudnir, Heidra, Prevail, Dreadlord, Fjorsvartnir, Caustic, Fall Of Pantheon, Huldre, Svartsot, Ravishing, Manticora, Vanir, Poisoned Leaves, Vanir, Akoma, Sylvatica, Satanic Assault Division, Artillery, Vansind, Shadowspawn, Trold, Panzerchrist>>DANNI JELSGAARD>>Vansind, Vanir, Shadowspawn, Trold, Panzerchrist

History & Biography
Detest was formed in 1991 and hailed from Bröndby in Denmark. The band's album was touted as a concept based on Caza's Lailah and featured a guest appearance by Bo Summer of Illdisposed. A second album and a live CD of the band's appearance at Roskilde Festival were promised, but never materialized. The band was also heard on its 1992 demo called Deathbreed and compilations like Death Is Just The Beginning and Fuck You We Are From... They also supported Death and Carcass. The act disappeared in 1996 pending the obligatory reformation.

The return was in 2013. Members started coming and going. John Petersen switched to guitar. Ole Christensen was part of the reformation line-up, but soon decamped. Dark Symphonies released an EP called A Moment Of Love in 2019. A full-length followed in 2021. Simon Springborg was on vocals. Danni Jelsgaard was on drums. Then again he was in the band of the month club.