An Epic Defiance - 2003 - Osmose
Portals To Uphobia - 2005 - Osmose
Emission Phase - 2007 - Osmose

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Engorge, Bastard Squad, M-90’s, Heidevolk>>KOEN ROMEIJN>>Engorge, Bastard Squad, M-90’s, Heidevolk

Engorge, Bastard Squad>>Koen Romeijn>>Engorge, Bastard Squad, Apophys - M-90's, Doghouse Gallows, Kutschurft>>MIKE FERGUSON>>M-90's, Doghouse Gallows, Kutschurft - Form, Fifth, Fuelblooded, Prostitute Disfigurement>>Danny Tunker>>Fuelblooded, Prostitute Disfigurement

Entropion, Delain>>OTTO SCHIMMELPENNICK>>Delain

Foox, Flaming Fist, Cardamon>>Thomas Kalksma>>Cardamon, Flaming Fist - Katafalk, Toxocara, Grinroth, Prostitute Disfigurement, God Dethroned>>Michiel Van Der Plicht>>Prostitute Disfigurement, God Dethroned, Apophys, Pestilence, Tyranthrope

History & Biography
The band was founded as Infernal Dream in 1997. The line-up then consisted of Koen Romeijn on vocals and guitar, Mike Ferguson on guitar, and Thomas Kalksma on drums. After many rehearsals as a trio, 1998 meant the addition of Otto Schimmelpenninck to the act as a bassist. In the same year the band entered the studio and recorded two songs (Life In Hell and Slaying The Serpent) for the Crushed Skull compilation CD, but not before changing its name to Detonation.

In October of 1998 the band entered the studio again, this time to record its first official release, a Mini-CD called Lost Euphoria which featured four songs, Failure To Commit, Euphoric Loss, Reflection Of A Torn Spirit and Helplessness. This MCD is released in 2000. The band played several shows including a tour supporting Orphanage. Since the band had not attracted a serious offer yet, the Dutch band entered the studio again in 2001 and recorded a new demo. In 2002 Detonation decided to independently record its own debut full-length album. Entitled An Epic Defiance, The album was recorded in two weeks at studio Excess in Rotterdam where the likes of Sinister and After Forever had worked. The independent CD featured art by Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity.

The recording finally pays dividends when the band attracted the attention of France's Osmose Production which signed the band for three albums in January of 2003. An Epic Defiance saw a (re)release in June of 2003. Wasting no time, the band drove to England in order to play several shows there in support of the album.

Osmose Production reported in late 2004 that Detonation was working on the pre-production for its second full-length album. The follow-up to 2003's An Epic Defiance was due to be recorded in December at studio Excess, Rotterdam. Some song titles were Structural Deceit, End Of Sight-End Of Fears and Clinically Dead. Detonation’s Portals To Uphobia, which originally was planned for April 25th, 2005 was postponed by Osmose to September 12th, 2005. The postponement was due to the delayed mastering and a lack of interest in summer releases. In the meanwhile, the band's guitarist Mike had returned from the United States. The band toured Europe that autumn, using the Portals To Europe monicker, alongside Decapitated.

The band’s third album, issued in mid-2007, was a concept regarding nuclear detonation. Jochem Jacobs produced the album. To celebrate its tenth birthday Detonation played a special show at its hometown venue dB'S in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Saturday the 26th of October. The band also launched a couple of contests to commemorate the anniversary. The band welcomed Danny Tunker (also of Fuelblooded and The Saturnine) to the ranks in order to handle the guitar. This automatically meant that co-founder Koen Romeijn (guitar and vocals) would lay down his guitar and focus on the vocals. Detonation announced a parting of ways with drummer Thomas Kalksma in April of 2008. The drummer was one of the original founders of the band and had been part of the band for over ten years. Detonation has recruited Michiel Van Der Plicht (formerly of Prostitute Disfigurement and Toxocara) as a permanent drummer in 2008. Detonation’s latest album was finished in the winter of 2010. The band picked Reprisal as the title to its fourth full-length album. Dutch death metal band Detonation issued it as a demo. The band went the independent route once it became clear a label was not in the cards. The band was playing in Italy and The Netherlands in May of 2011. The band went on a hiatus for two years. Matthieu Boer was on drums upon return. Vic Records re-issued Reprisal in 2018.


Detonation hails from The Netherlands and An Epic Defiance is a re-release of the band's independent demo of last year, now issued as the first of three albums through Osmose Production. First, this CD has a great sound for a demo. The professionally-taped work is a result of work at Rotterdam's Studio Excess where Sinister has also often worked. Sound-wise, the Dutch band moulds elements of death and thrash metal into something that, while its own, is reminiscent of Dark Tranquillity without the idiotic keyboards and electronica. It is as if Osmose is making up for the loss of the aforenamed Swedes to Century Media. As a matter of personal taste, Detonation will kick the arse of its Swedish counterparts any day. All the same, the band keeps up the pace most of the time and with the inclusion of several very tasteful ripping leads makes it clear that it is dependent on no band for its sound. In fact, given the band's youth, the tightness, sound, leads and overall conviction recorded on this album can be a scary thing. Fans of everything from Dark Tranquillity to Deicide to At The Gates should give these guys a chance. - Ali "The Metallian"

No word from the label or the band what a portal to Uphobia is so the description of the music will have to do. Gothenburg has moved to the Netherlands. Filling in the gap between Dark Tranquillity releases or travelling back to older In Flames with some My Dying Bride thrown in for bad measure the four Dutchmen set alight the fuse of layered riffing, delicate and intricate guitar maneuvers while employing an interplay of fast and moderately slow dynamics. This was supposed to be a heavier album than it turned out to be, although there is no denying Koen Romeijn and Mike Ferguson on their instruments. The guitars are on fire. So are the speed changes, double bass drums and melodies. As for originality, unbridled heaviness or variety among the songs...that is another matter. Being thankful for whatever grace we can find, at least Detonation does not grow dyed beards, play at Ozzfest or inundate my mailbox yet with reports of standard-issue, sponsored and exaggerated reviews for its album by such oracles of metal as Alternative Press or Kerrang. Ha! - Ali "The Metallian"

Detonation must be one of the most suitable names for a metal band. It is probably right up there with Death, Speed or Slayer! Emission Phase is the Dutch group’s third album and a continuation of the mixing of sharp speedy riffs and melodic leads and harmonies. The vocals are screamed and aggressive, except for the trendy boy band chants on Chokedamp (do bands subconsciously notice their own stupidity?).
The odd jumble of a cover artwork portends the concept which revolves around a nuclear explosion. Songs like Invoking The Impact, the cleverly titled When Stone Turns To Ash and Infected scream nuclear attack along with the accompanying extreme music. Album number three is probably more technical, more advanced and accomplished and were it not for the aforementioned clean vocals pure metal. One nice touch is the conversation on Infected which sounds like two officials discussing the explosion. Emission Phase ends with the instrumental Fallout which puts to music the grim aftermath of an atomic attack.
Emission Phase is competent and aggressive, if hardly groundbreaking, and should ensure continuity for the Dutch unit. - Ali “The Metallian”

Dutch death metal band Detonation has gone from being a signed band and releasing albums to issuing demos courtesy of Osmose production, which apparently has dropped the act. More accurately, the label opted to not re-sign the band. Either way, lucky for us, the group has opted to not throw in the towel and has issued this full-length demo disc and the material is superlative. Reprisal is top-notch metal that handily beats the band’s last label release.
The album is made up of eight relatively short and to-the-point songs that exude speed and cutting savagery. The vocals are scratchy and aggressive, while the music mostly fast to super fast invariably consecrated with a fantastic sound. Yet, what hits one the most about Detonation anno 2011 is the band’s tightness. Detonation metal is so tight and the arrangements so coordinated that the band might as well have rehearsed these songs all their lives. Koen Romeijn vocals were already mentioned, but his, Mike’s and Danny’s guitars are also superlative. The guitars go at it in serious deathly style until Absentia Mentis where they begin to introduce dreamy sequence to the repertoire. Listen for the Megadeth (circa R.I.P.) copycat riffing and sound on Feeding On The Madness first though. Above all, drummer Van Der Plicht is a machine. His departure from the band is disappointing. His organized chaos is a plus for this death metal band.
Reprisal needs support. This band is clearly worthy of a deal and wider exposure. Now, let us figure out what way is up and what is down for the band’s cover artwork. Find the band at or e-mail them at - Ali “The Metallian”