Resurrection Denied – 2014 - Comatose
Phlegethon - 2017 – Comatose
Ersetu – 2020 - Willowtip

Devangelic image
S= Gorefuck, Putridity, Corpsefucking Art, Interminable Corruptions, Antropofagus, Fixation on Suffering>>PAOLO CHITI>>Interminable Corruptions, Antropofagus, Fixation on Suffering
G= Endaemona, Perfidy Biblical, Demonian, Coprophiliac, Vulvectomy, Stench Of Dismemberment, Corpsefucking Art>>MARIO DI GIAMBATTISTA>>Coprophiliac, Vulvectomy, Stench Of Dismemberment, Corpsefucking Art
B= Whiskey & Funeral>>Damiano Bracci>>Whiskey & Funeral – Perfidy Biblical, Sudden Death, Dr. Gore, Buffalo Grillz>>ALESSIO PACIFICI>>Dr. Gore, Buffalo Grillz
D= Demon's Bridge, Catastrophic Evolution, Posthuman Abomination>>MARCO COGHE>>Demon's Bridge, Catastrophic Evolution, Posthuman Abomination

This Rome-based gore black metal band was formed in 2012. It issued Promo 2012. Comatose Music signed the band and issued Resurrection Deniedin 2014. The new Devangelic album Phlegethon will be out on 27.10.2017 through Comatose Music. Stillborn issued the band’s Deprecating The Scriptures EP in 2015. Marco Coghe joined in 2016. The new Devangelic album Phlegethon was out on 27.10.2017 through Comatose Music. Italy-based death metal band Devangelic signed with The Flaming Arts booking and management agency in 2018. The company also worked with Behemoth, I Am Morbid, Marduk, etc. Obscuring Europe 2018 was the monicker for the European tour of Devangelic, Antropofagus and Relics Of Humanity that September. Bracci left. Italy-based Devangelic would play at PartySan Metal Open Air Festival 2019 which was to take place in Schlotheim, Germany in August 2019. Belphegor, Satan, Testament, Legion Of The Damned, Deicide and others were also confirmed. Devangelic signed with Willowtip Records in late 2019. The band was due to issue an album in January. The act would instead issue its third full-length album Ersetu through Willowtip in May.