Violent Termination - 1987 - Independent
Signs Of Life - 1989 - Combat
Idolatry - 1997 - Combat

Devastation image
S= Killing Machine>>RODNEY DUNSMORE>>Killing Machine
G= Henry Elizondo>>Rotting Corpse, Eliminate - Final Assault>>Dave Burk
B= Edward Vasquez>>Killing Machine
D= Death Tripper, Necrovore, Rotting Corpse>>Louis Carrisalez>>Death - Sufferance>>Jesse Lopez - Death Tripper, Necrovore, Rotting Corpse. Death>>Louis Carrisalez

This US thrash band seemed to get better and better but never quite made it. Towards the end the band was critical of its record label for promoting its licensee Earache bands better than bands like Devastation.

The band toured with the likes of Death and Demolition Hammer. Carrisalez was the singer for Death during a European tour. This lead to a rift within Death and much anger by Chuck Schuldiner.

Inevitably, Devastation reformed in 2008 and was to begin touring again. The band featured singer Rodney Dunsmore, guitarists Walter Trachsler and Henry Elizondo, bassist Alex Dominguez and was seeking a drummer. With Fidel Tagle of Killamora drumming the reunited band very soon threw in the towel after the members were unable to get along on the road. The band dropped off the Soulfly tour of the USA as a consequence.



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