Paroxysm – 2016 – PRC
Nurture – 2021 – Season Of Mist

Deviant Process image

G= Solinaris>>JEAN-DANIEL VILLENEUVE>>Solinaris – The Aftermath>>STEPHANE SIMARD>>The Aftermath

B= Pierre-Luc Beaulieu – The Aftermath>>PHILIPPE CIMON>>The Aftermath

D= Self Circus, Sanction, Signs Of Fate, Augury, Contemplator, Tol>>Antoine Baril>>Augury, Contemplator, Tol, From Dying Suns, Obliveon, – Esker, Utlager, Veneficium, Spirit Of The Forest, Superior Enlightenment, Looking For Dawn, Escarre>>Francois Fortin>>Spirit Of The Forest, Superior Enlightenment, Looking For Dawn, Escarre – WideLoad, Forgotten Tales, The Flaying, Rotting Inside, Beyond Creation>>MICHEL BELANGER>>The Flaying, Rotting Inside, Gorguts, Beyond Creation

History & Biography
The band used another monicker for a year before becoming Deviant Process in 2009. The formation was the initiative of Villeneuve. The band reoriented from the trendy so-called ‘symphonic’ style to something more serious. A 2011 demo was called Narcissistic Rage. Former Augury drummer Antoine Baril joined Canadian death metal band Deviant Process in early 2013 having sessioned with them previously. He left a year later. The local PRC imprint issued the band’s Paroxysm debut in 2016. Deviant Process signed with Season Of Mist in 2019. Fortin left in the same year. An album was expected that year. The band was releasing a second full-length and it was called Nurture. The album was scheduled for worldwide release through Season Of Mist on 15.10.2021.

The band has opened for Cryptopsy and Gorguts among others. Naturally, Gorguts borrowed the stool-for-hire Michel Belanger in late 2023. The band, in the meantime, was working on a new album.



Deviant Process