Revelation Unorthodox - 2003 - Regain
Blood & Ashes - 2009 - Regain

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S= Zweeda – Plague Majetic>>MAELSTROM [VALENTIN MELLSTROEM]>>Dead Pulse, Nixa

G= Brewmaster>>MAKKO [MARCUS BÄCKBRANT]>>Brewmaster

B= Allegiance, Marduk, Moment Maniacs>>B. War [Bogge Svensson]>>Allegiance, Marduk, Moment Maniacs, Rebelangels - DAMIEN, ABRUPTUM, MARDUK>>MORGAN STEINMEYER HÅKANSSON>>Abruptum, Marduk

D= Absolute Bastards>>HRAFN [MIKAEL KARLSSON]

History & Biography
When several current and former Marduk, Abruptum and Allegiance members got together in 2000 in Norrköping the intent was to cover songs by Misfits and Samhain. In fact, 2000’s The Howling EP is comprised of fifty-percent cover versions. The group issued an EP, called Werewolf, in 2008 after five years of silence. B. War had apparently relocated to the USA by this time and joined Rebelangels. The band changed monickers in 2011.


A whole lot can be known about Devil’s Whorehouse when one reads that they started as a Samhain and Misfits cover band. The members doing this Danzig sort of tribute are somehow surprising. They include Morgan Håkansson of Marduk and also included B.War of the same previously. The opener, Oceans Turn To Blood, is rather slow moving but the second, Wicked One, picks up the pace but with the aid of Maelstrom’s vocals this is much like the aforementioned and is very much unoriginal. Speak The Name Of The Dead moves away of any punkish-ness and into the Danzig sludgy gothic territory. The two-minute intermission The Cult Of Death attempts to create a horror atmosphere but mostly fails. Werewolf is again somewhat punkish but at times it also sounds like it’s trying to create epic power metal. Demons Of The Flesh/Tight White Robes’ title hints at its lyrical theme. Shadows Never Change might as well be Danzig singing and not for the first time, but more forcefully, leaves the listener wondering if it is a cover. Smell Of The Ancient One has an original title at least and is mostly annoying otherwise. Face The Master is fast and a throw back to the short song punk style for the first 50 seconds or so before surprising with some enjoyable and rather heavy thrashy riffs. Werewolf Nation returns to the chunky. Snakes Out The Mouth Of Hell is another masterful Danzig impression by Maelstrom et al. The CD closes with an unidentified bonus where the line between a new song and a cover continues to remain blurred. The Appeal of Blood & Ashes is pretty limited and its originality even more so. – Anna Tergel


Devil’s Whorehouse