Unspeakable Cults - 1996 - Mascot
Roam Into Dementia - 1998 - Mascot
Running Sore - 2002 - LSP

Deviser image

G= MATT HNARAS - George Triantafilakis - VAG

B= Nick Christogianis - SPYROS

D= Mike Tsembertzis - LABIS

History & Biography
Deviser was formed in 1989 and released three consecutive demo tapes (Forbidden Knowledge and Psychic Completion in 1990 and Into His Unknown in 1993). 1996's Thy Blackest Love gets the band a contract with Mascot Records although a 7" had already appeared on Teutonic Existence. The band finds itself labelless after the second album and in possession of a new line-up. A new promotional demo is recorded at this point. Christogianis leaves the band in pursuit of other directions and is replaced by Spyros. The latter had already stood in for his predecessor during Christogianis' military service. A year later Christogianis returns again, albeit to the newly-created keyboardist position. Having signed to LSP, the band plans to release its third album in the autumn of 2001. The album appears in May, 2002 and the band is booked to open for Slayer and Halford in Greece.


There are bands which are disappointing and you do not care. Then there are bands which are disappointing and you do care. Deviser is of the latter ilk. Soaking in listen after listen of the Greeks' debut black metal CD, it is clear that the band does indeed have the musicianship to construct enough music which is both original and competent to stand its ground. Certain passages in tracks like Stand & Deliver and especially The Fire Burning Bright are indeed very good. The band does not stray too far from the black metal standard, but there is real riffing at play here and it is quite a long way off from mindless nonsense. Then comes the K&F element which is disappointing, for the band could have been better than that. Every once in a while those key "mama, mama, I've been listening to other trendy bands and I am infected too" boards kick in and ruin the entire effect. It is sad to see that heaviness and originality are concepts mostly foreign to today’s metal scene and consequently the undoing of many a band. Hint of the month: stay away from any band listing a ”˜Penelope' in its ranks! - Ali "The Metallian"

Just sixteen, a pickup truck, out of money, out of luck, I am Running Sore Yeah, I am Running Sore... er, hello, yeah, didn't see you coming. Okay then, Deviser yeah. The album begins and ends with the same melody and similarly a reviewer could begin and end his review by expressing disappointment and simply move on. How about some Iron Maiden instead? You Take My Life But I Take Yours Too.. What, Deviser again? Fine!! Fans of My Dying Bride's debut will find much to like here. Deviser plays faster than that though, uses growled vocals, etc., but is another poser act with the usual trappings of such bands. The first song in fact begins with brutal speed metal riffing that holds much promise for the album. Alas, Nick is on the 'Synth' on this album and the band uses violins. Ha! The standard-issue fuzzy Greek metal guitar sound is here too, of course, which added to the use of keyboards makes Running Sore an instant hit with wimp rockers and forgettable for metal fans. Are you sure you don't want me to instead do some Maiden for you? No? Fine. Even if several songs maintain a good semblance of powerful metal here, this is quite a let-down. Deviser used to be a band free of lame gimmicks, but trends arrive late in Greece apparently. While the snares and the toms sound real, the majority of the 'bass drums' sound artificial and clicky enough to make me wonder whether the drums have are backed by a drum machine. This is produced by Jim Agerakis who used to work with the old Greek band Flames and has an adequate sound. Hope that's enough information for you, because as far as this writer is concerned... Run to the hills run for your lives, Run to the hills run for your lives...