Molesting The Decapitated – 1999 – United Guttural
Butcher The Weak – 2006 – Brutal Bands
Unleash The Carnivore – 2009 – Brutal Bands
Conceived In Sewage – 2013 - Relapse
Obscene Majesty – 2019 - Relapse

Devourment image
S= Detrimental>>Ruben Rosas –Mike Majewski>>Kill Everything – Detrimental>>RUBEN ROSAS

G= Brian Wynn>>Meshiha, Kill Everything – Sintury, Meshiha, Disencumberance>>Kevin Clark>>Meshiha, Kill Everything, Hate Icon, Cries Ov Christ, Disencumberance, Texas Murder Crew – Detrimental>>Ruben Rosas – Intestinal Fortitude, Morbid Anal Fog, Kill The Client>>CHRIS ANDREWS>>Kill The Client

B= Mike Majewski – Intestinal Fortitude, Morbid Anal Fog, Kill The Client>>Chris Andrews>>Kill The Client – With Immortality, Her Virgin Womb, Nightfire, Trephination Psychiatric Regurgitation, Insatanity, Meshiha, Knife Cult>>DAVE SPENCER

D= Necrocide>>Brad Fincher>>Meshiha – Suture, Wrought Of Obsidian, Scarline, Hyperion, Exitium>>Eric Park>>Wrought Of Obsidian, Scarline, Hyperion, Exitium, A Devil’s Daydream – Meshiha>>BRAD FINCHER

History & Biography
The Texas-based Devourment was active between 1995 and 2000, briefly returned in 2001 and reformed again in 2005. The band’s singer Rosas was jailed in 1999, which meant the end for the line-up. The band regrouped with singer Wayne Knupp who was Rosas’ predecessor. Knupp died in 2007.

The band was founded by drummer Brad Fincher and guitarist Braxton Henry both formerly of Necrocide. Henry would leave quickly although reappear briefly in 2001. Singer Wayne was also an early member. Wayne would return to Chicago for school. Wayne would return to the band and Dallas, but left eventually in New York and fired via a telephone call. A 1997 demo was called Impaled. The band recorded a promo tape, which lead to its first album, Molesting The Decapitated. When Rosas was arrested as a fugitive in 1999 the band asked Wayne to re-join, which he did. The group wrote six songs and intended to record a new album in 2000. Corpse Gristle Records put out a compilation called 1.3.8. A compilation DVD was independently issued in 2005. It was called Official DVD. The band was also heard on the United States Of Goregrind compilation. The band issued a demo called Butcher The Weak in 2005. This was re-issued by Corpse Gristle in 2021. The demo was re-worked and released as an album a year later. Official DVD 2 was again independently issued. It featured material from Illinois Deathfest in 2006. Official DVD 2.5 from 2010 contained the footage from its predecessor.

The band switched to Relapse Records for Conceived In Sewage. The track Legalize Homicide kicked the album, which was supported through a video for Parasitic Eruption, off. Dying Fetus booked a North American tour with Exhumed and Devourment in the autumn of 2013. Devourment dropped off however. Eric Park left in 2014. The band’s follow-up came only six years later. Chris Andrews had switched to guitar. The band was on a limited edition VHS video of a livestreamed show in 2021 with Creeping Death and Frozen Soul. Alleyway, Exodus, Misery Index, M.O.D, Lividity, Devourment and many more were playing at Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois, USA in August 2021. The band also announced a tour called Grand Slam European Tour 2022 with Pathology, Extermination Dismemberment and Korpse.