Immortelle - 1996 - Steamhammer
Innoscent - 1998 - GSM
Ill-Natured - 1999 - GSM
Inwards - 2002 - Nuclear Blast
Impact - 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Issue VI - 2005 - Nuclear Blast
Incinerate - 2007 - Nuclear Blast
Invocation - 2010 - Metal Blade
Icarus - 2012 - Metal Blade
Intermination - 2015 - Metal Blade

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Ralf Klein - Jörg Szittnick - Florian Mueller>>Nemesis Love Cult - Protector, Dormant Misery>>Hendrik Bache>>Nemesis Love Cult - Michael Borchers - Martin Walczak – Blo.Torch, Manifest, Severe Torture>>MARVIN VRIESDE>>Severe Torture – Blo.Torch, I Chaos, Anomaly>>RORY HANSEN>>I Chaos, Anomaly

Patrick Heimes – Devoyd>>Hendrik Bache>>General Chaos – Deformed, Obscenity>>Alexander Pahl – Cypher, Creepmime, Sinister, I Chaos>>JOOST VAN DER GRAAF>>I Chaos

Freedom Begins>>Tarek Stinshoff - Uwe Werning – Pain For Pleasure, BK 49, Obscenity>>Marc-Andrée Dieken – Epica, I Chaos, HDK, The Cards>>KOEN HERFST>>I Chaos, HDK, The Cards

History & Biography
Formed in 1992, a 1994 demo called Symbolization introduced the band to the underground. A deal with SPV garnered a debut and later two albums with GSM. GSM distributor Nuclear Blast picked up the band for album number four and a fourth album was recorded late 2001. 2001 also saw a Japanese tour with Defleshed and Night In Gales. Not coincidentally when Dew-Scented was looking for a stand-in and live drummer, Night In Gales' Christian Bass occupied the stool.

Dew-Scented entered Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen in April, 2003 to record its next album for Nuclear Blast. This German band mixes a number of metal influences into one, yet is mainly a thrash metal act.

The band was confirmed to play at the New Jersey Metal Fest in November of 2003 just before the release of its Impact album. Hendrik Bache joined the band allowing the band two dedicated guitarists. Heimes became the band's live bassist. Werning took some time off to attend school and Obscenity drummer Marc Andree Dieken sessioned live. Following the release of Impact, Nuclear Blast issued a special two-LP version of said album featuring as an added bonus the complete version of the Inwards album. Alexander Pahl from Germany's Obscenity officially took over the bass position in the band in early 2004. Pahl had previously performed live with the band. Issue VI was issued in June, 2005. It was the first album to feature Alexander Pahl. Andy Classen produced the album. At the same time, Guitarist Flo left the fold. The band's old touring guitarist Marvin Vriesde (also in Blo. Torch and Severe Torture) returned to the band. The group completed 12 new songs by mid-2006 and was working with producer Andy Sneap for an upcoming album due to be released early 2007 through Nuclear Blast Records. Guitarist Flo Mueller had returned to the fold. The group announced the addition of drummer Andreas Jechow of Desilence to its ranks. The new man had joined the band after the recording of the new album, Incinerate. The band kicked guitarists Florian Müller and Hendrik Bache out and replaced them with Michael Borchers and Martin Walczak in the autumn of 2008. The band had also made old drummer Marc-Andrée Dieken, who had toured with the band in 2004, the new skinsman. The ousted members, guitarists Hendrik Bache and Florian Müller, recruited singer Ercu, drummer Antek of Revolver and bassist Henrik formerly of Revolver and formed a new band called Nemesis Love Cult. Dew-Scented signed with Metal Blade for Europe in 2010 and was recording a new album, which was due in May. Dew-Scented picked Invocation - another album title beginning with 'i’ - as the title for its new album, which was out in May 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The band had entered Soundlodge Studio with producer Jörg Uken to record the album. The band lost rhythm guitarist Martin Walczak due to personal reasons and a lack of time. The band was booked for Party.San 2011 which ran from August 11 - 13, 2011 at Flugplatz Obermehler in Schlotheim, Germany. Dew-Scented picked another ‘I’ word as the title for its 2012 album, namely Icarus. The album adapted the Icarus allegory. It was recorded at Soundlodge Studio and produced by Jörg Uken. The band now featured four new members. German thrash metal band Dew-Scented would release its tenth studio album, Intermination, on June 30th 2015. The album was mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio and featured cover artwork by Gustavo Sazes. Dew-Scented headlined an autumn European tour called Thrash Mercenaries with Angelus Apatrida from Spain and No Return from France. The group announced its final shows in 2018. The band stated the group would split up in 2018. The band was touring Europe with Prong.

Singer Leif was also a German metal writer. The band picks album titles beginning with the letter 'I.'


The only other Dew-Scented album I own is the 1995 debut Immortelle (Morbid Angel goes with alphabetization and DS' titles all begin with an 'i') and, while good, it is nothing to write home about. So, it is more than six years later and Nuclear Blast has licensed album number four from GSM, clad it in a lackluster cover, dully named it Inwards and here we go again. Wrong! Do you like intense thrashing with a full sound? Miss the intensity of old Death and Demolition Hammer? Do you like brutal vocals, a sharp guitar sound and precision drumming? Has Your favourite thrash band incorporated Adidas rock riffs and gone mallcore? Are you searching for an album that cherishes the best of the Hanneman/King traditions? Zero parts compromise Dew-Scented is the one thrash metal band that deserves all the hype yet has none. Get this! And oh, will someone please tape this for the band formerly known as Slayer? - Ali "The Metallian"

After the success of the last Dew-Scented album Nuclear Blast decided to sign the German thrashers onto its roster directly. Good move, for the new album is a killer thrash metal opus! Past a very ugly cover, the album has everything a thrash fan needs. The sound is full, powerful and 'Impact'-ful. The speed is turned up a notch, the guitars are sharp and the double bass drums incessant. The singer could have been a little less throaty in his delivery, - imagine a more focused Max Cavalera from his metal days - but he screams for a living quite admirably. The quartet's departure point is Slayer, but there is no doubt that they have surpassed that band in intensity. A song like Slaughtervain, for instance, downright smacks of Krisiun. Let us hope the band do not perceive this album as having pushed the limits and opt next time for a tamer delivery. After all, songs like Slaughtervain, Acts Of Rage and Flesh Reborn demonstrate that Dew-Scented can crossover into realms more brutal without losing focus or its brilliance.
The media and the fans are sure to love this which is why it is disappointing to see the label quote Germany's Voices From The Darkside in the enclose letter. That outlet is singer Leif Jensen's writing outlet! - Ali "The Metallian"

The return of Dew-Scented, the Nuclear Blast band featuring the Century Media employee, is nothing short of breathtaking - literally. When it comes to thrash metal Dew-Scented has single-handedly managed to restore Germany's supremacy and Issue VI (no prizes for guessing the band's album count) is bound to further the band and the sub-genre's cause.
Every Dew-Scented album is a sure-fire hit featuring a barrage of nuclear riffing, chopping rhythms, galloping drums and cursed vocals designed to rip skin, flesh and bone. What is different this time around is the lessened emphasis on the band's Slayer influences and a shift towards a sound more along the lines of Kreator's more recent output. The vocals sound parched. It is as if Leif Jensen was suffering from a sore throat during the recordings. Whatever the case, his vocals almost descend to a guttural rasp at times. The drum sound - not the drumming - bears some criticism with the snare being too light and hollow. This must be deliberate given the powerful oomph of the toms and the bass drums. Songs like Processing Life or Never To Return are perfect examples of this with their clever bombardments, accomplished soloing and, above all, a delivery derived from conviction.
As far as extreme metal goes Issue VI is hard to fault. The band knows what it wants and does not deviate from the essentials. Instead, with each album it defies the old adage that bands absolutely must wimp out as they go along and delivers seriously chaotic thrashing metal. My thesaurus has Dew-Scented as synonymous to confidence, power and heaviness. - Ali "The Metallian"

It is like the arrival of the snow in The Canadian winter. A new Dew-scented album brings with it a burst of thrash metal replete with energy, focus, sharpness and rapid-fire riffing. Incinerate is absolutely no different. If anything, the German thrashers have leveraged their added experience to put together an album that maims as it goes. Imagine that, a band that gains knowledge and experience yet does not wimp out. Such a band will incinerate.
Dew-Scented has it all. The massive soloing Into The Arms Of Misery packs more guitar punch than Slayer’s last five albums. Perdition For All is a showcase for the band’s technical know-how. The guitar interplay and screams of That’s Why I Despise You are tributes to metal’s insane musicianship. Now Or Never is a tribute to tight delivery and precise control at supra-human speeds. Incinerate slows down just long enough for the listener to pick his splattered grey matter from the wall before launching once again. The song Retain The Scars features Mille of Kreator on chanting vocals, which was easily recognizable without the need for advertisement. The band still hints at Slayer in the lead guitar department, albeit in ever smaller doses, and Leif Jensen’s extra-dry raspy vocals pay the tinniest of tributes to Sodom’s Tom Angelripper, but by this point Dew-Scented has earned the opportunity to have its own narrative. In other words, the Germans are the new thrash metal yardstick.
In one way or another Dew-Scented obviously deserves to be bigger than it is currently. The band’s misleading - if one thinks about it funny - monicker does not help. The group could, and should, have worked on a better cover for its current album though. Keeping things bland or abstract is hardly a good idea even if one can see the band did have a theme in mind here.
Words are never going to suffice when describing such rapid-fire thrashing precision. This album is a categorical want for fans of Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Vader and Dark Angel. - Ali “the Metallian”