Soft & Stronger - 1997 - Ars Metalli
Allegro Barbaro - 1999 - Ars Metalli
All You Need Is Love - 2000 - Hammerheart
Have A Nice Trip - 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Samurai - 2004 - Nuclear Blast
Riders On The Storm - 2006 - Nuclear Blast
Licht - 2008 - Nuclear Blast
Adrenalin - 2009 - Nuclear Blast
Moral & Wahnsinn - 2011 - Nuclear Blast
Tief.Tiefer – 2014 - Nuclear Blast
Der Rote Reiter – 2017 - Nuclear Blast
The Divine Horsemen – 2021 – Nuclear Blast
Wilde Kinder – 2022 – Nuclear Blast

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G= Disaster KFW>>EUMEL FUCHS [DANIEL TÄUMEL] – Pitrone [Peter Pfau]>>Enemy Target – Lady Cat-Man [Cathleen Gliemann]>>Nick Hellfort, Solo, She’s Got Balls – Entry Of A Diary>>ADY [ADRIAN VOGEL]>>Entry Of A Diary


D= Skelleton>>Disaster KFW - My Demons Diversity>>SIR G. [GEORG LENHARDT]>>My Demons Diversity

K= Dr. Pest [Markus Szakul]

History & Biography
Eumel and Skelleton formed the Apocalyptic Riders in 1995. A demo tape in 1996 called Firestorm later, the band signed for two albums with Ars Metali. Within months, the band recorded two albums for the label and toured all over Europe including playing at Germany's Fuck The Commerce festival. The band also recorded an EP called Dschinghis Khan for the label.

Soon after the band signed with Hammerheart, but lost drummer Skelleton. With his replacement secured, in the form of 19 year-old Sir G., the band supported the third album with a European tour with label-mates Macabre. The band was also seen live at Wacken. During 2001 guitarist Eumel, however, was knocked out of action by a strain to his arms. A fourth album was due out in 2002. All You Need Is Love was also re-released by Nuclear Blast. The band announced the name of its fifth studio album as Samurai. The album was recorded at the Antfarm Studio and was released in November, 2004. The line-up for the recording with producer Tue Madsen included guitarist Pitrone. The group issued a DVD, called Tobsucht - Reitermania Over Wacken & Party.San, in February of 2008. The riders had a new album called Licht ('Light' in German) through Nuclear Blast Records in the summer of 2008. It featured guitarist Lady Cat-Man who replaced Pitrone earlier this year. In early 2009, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter parted ways with guitarist Lady Cat-Man who was promptly replaced with an Ady. The live CD, Adrenalin, was enclosed for free with the September 2009 issue of Metal Hammer Magazine in Germany. The album was recorded during the band's 2008 Reiterfestspiele tour in Germany and Russia. The End Records was proud to announce the signing of Die Apokalyptischen Reiter in 2009. On November 10th 2009, the band would release its 2008 LP Licht in the USA. The US version would come with six bonus tracks (2 studio and 4 live) and new album art including an alternate cover.

The tour bus carrying Unleashed, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Swashbuckle caught fire while en route from Graz, Austria to Milan, Italy during the Paganfest European tour 2009. There were no injuries. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter would release a new album, Moral & Wahnsinn (translation: Morality & Insanity) on February 25th, 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records. The band now featured Ady on guitar. Tief.Tiefer featured a second disc that included acoustic versions of older songs. The band reported that the material for The Divine Horsemen was compiled as a result of a couple of days of jamming. Dr. Pest left the band after 25 years in 2021. He asserted that he wishes to pursue other musical endeavours and would still contribute to the band as a guest. Wilde Kinder of 2022 translated to ‘Wild Children.’ Die Mutter Des Teufels was an independent demo EP in 2023. It was sold on the band's mini-tour late in the year.


Is there anything The Apokalyptischen Reiter (annoyingly dubbed The Apocalyptic Riders for North American consumption here) would not try or any style they would hesitate to incorporate into their music? The German schizoids' newest album, named and designed in the style of the revered Samurai, has a bluesy melange of crossover, industrial and metal with catchy rhythms which is encased in harsh walls of rocking guitar and keyboards. Think what would happen were Rammstein, Pantera and COC were to marry and have their offspring grow up breathing polluted industrial air. The lyrics are topical and in both German and English. There are a few subtleties within the album (e.g. the typical black metal sound on the song Der Teufel [The Devil]) which probably add to the music's allure.
The Apocalyptic Riders has a sense of fun about it that, nonetheless, screams 'dead serious.' - Ali "The Metallian"


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter