The Inner Sear – 2009 - Himalayan
Ashes Of The Dawn – 2013 - Meteora
BloodRed Inferno – 2019 - eOne

Diesear image
S= Kurenai

G= SUI – Chris-J

B= Jeff - YEN

D= Amo – Dezember, Cherub>>SATHON [SATHON "THON" THINLUCK]>>Dezember, Cherub

History & Biography
Taipei, Taiwan’s deathcore band was formed in 2007 by Sui. A demo called Sear was issued a year later. Himalayan Music issued the group’s first album in 2009. In late 2015, Metal Scrap Records issued Diesear’s Ashes Of The Dawn. The Taiwanese band’s album was issued in much of East Asia in 2013. Bassist Yen joined the band as the group was working on a new release.

The group recorded and released a 2019 album, but went quiet immediately thereafter.


Here it is: death/thrash metal, the manual!
Ashes of The Dawn, the second album of Taiwanese band Diesear, is that good. Listening to this compact disc one finds it difficult to imagine that such an advanced metal band hails from the Island of Taiwan. East Asia, outside of Japan, has as much of a rock or metal tradition as Donald Trump has class or humanity. So, how did this bunch get so good?
An intro comes and goes and the band delivers a heads-down brand of brutal deathrash that oozes power and speed. The vocals are gruff and tortured, the drums syncopated and pounding and the guitarists push, pull and yank the six strings without regard. The band’s closest comparison is Arch Enemy with a good dose of Dew-Scented and Starkill thrown in. Shadows Of Grey begins with more than a nod to Japan’s Galmet and its Rebirth. The drumming keeps the proceedings entertaining by altering his pattern to the point that his machine gun approach is beautifully out of sync with the rest of the gang, the guitar leads show off ability while the harmonics keep the whole things undeservedly accessible. The singer balances this to perfection. One catch is on both Shadows Of Grey and Fearless the guitarists pull at their strings in similar fashion creating the impression that the creativity is being repeated. Breath Remains is an instrumental interlude with flair and the album closes with Dig Your Lies where the vocals take growly turn to good effect.
Nothing less than impressive about this bunch. Let us just figure out what Diesear means. – Ali “The Metallian”