Immolated - 2001 - Metal Blade
The Sin War - 2002 - Metal Blade
Sculpture Of Stone - 2004 - Metal Mind

Dies Irae image
S= Devilyn, Enter Chaos, Behemoth>>NOVY [MARCIN NOWAK]>>Devilyn, Enter Chaos

G= Christ Agony, Unsun>>MAUSER [MAURYCY STEFANOWICZ]>>Christ Agony, Unsun - Sceptic, Never>> JACK HIRO>>Sceptic, Never

B= Devilyn, Enter Chaos, Behemoth>>NOVY [MARCIN NOWAK]>>Devilyn, Enter Chaos, Spinal Cord, Virgin Snatch, Road’s End

D= Vader>>Doc>>Vader

History & Biography
Mauser formed the band as early as 1992, but had to put things on hold after joining Vader. This was after the 1994 demo Fear Of God. The band released the demo as an EP through Serenades before obtaining a four-album deal with Vader's label Metal Blade for its full-length. In the meanwhile, due to committments with Vader, the band had been on a multi-year hiatus.

The band shared members, management and cover artists with Vader. The band toured in support of Immolated with Vader after a tour with Nile got cancelled. Doc died in 2005. The band released a DVD+CD called The Art Of An Endless Creation on October 27th, 2008 through Metal Mind Productions. MVD issued it in the USA. The DVD featured footage from 2005.



Dies Irae