The Forgotten>>DIMENTIANON - USA

Seven Suicides - 2003 - Paragon
Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum - 2007 - Paragon
Collapse The Void - 2010 - Paragon
Dreaming Yuggoth – 2021 - Paragon
Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth - 2023 - Pest

Dimentianon image
S= The Forgotten, Sectioned>>M. [MIKE ZANCHELLI]>>Sectioned

G= The Forgotten>>Greg Layman>>Hierarchy – Rigor Sardonicous, Sectioned>>Joe Fogarazzo>>Rigor Sardonicous, Sectioned, Teloch Vovin, Cadaverist - Frost, Sectioned>>Salty Z. [Valter Zoltán]>>Frost, Sectioned, Dryburn – Abhorrence, Rigor Sardonicous, Teloch Vovin, Cadaverist>>JOE FOGARAZZO>>Rigor Sardonicous, Teloch Vovin, Cadaverist

B= The Forgotten>>Jim Mroz – The Forgotten>>Maureen Murphy>>Negative Reaction, Second Grave, Benthic Realm, Vigil, - Teloch Vovin>>JOE FOGARAZZO>>Teloch Vovin

D= Sectioned, Embracing Carpathian Mourning>>Ryan Bohlman>>Sectioned, Embracing Carpathian Mourning, LanaVeau - Dagorath, Sectioned>>Pete Christopher>>Dagorath, Sectioned – Surgical Strike, Reluctant Mortem, Citoletium, Coronary Thrombosis>>Matt Haas>>Reluctant Mortem, Citoletium, Coronary Thrombosis

K= Evoken>>DAN ZAROS>>Evoken

History & Biography
These New York-based black metallers were formed as The Forgotten before changing names in time for a 2001 demo release. Dimentianon is a twist in Italian on the word 'forgotten.'

The band subsequently signed with Non Compos Mentis/Paragon Records. Only singer M. was left standing from the original line-up after a while. The band issued a split release with Rigor Sardonicous in 2005 called Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater. Bassist Maureen Murphy returned in time for 2010 shows. Dreaming Yuggoth came eleven years after its predecessor. Matt Haas was on drums and viola! The group had a new album called Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth through Pest Records in March 2022. Don Zaros was on keyboards since 2020. Matt Haas abruptly left in the summer of 2023.

Singer Mike and former member Joe run Paragon Records and, indeed, formed the band to issue The Forgotten material.


New York-based underground death metal lunatics Dimentianon have been reviewed in these pages and Promo 2006 is about to be reviewed with many of the same words as the previous release. The band is underground, raw, and wild and cares not a fig for sound production or engineering. The singer howls and growls, the musicians mix bashing and blasting with more serene moments, noise solos clash with musical warfare and titles like Your Flesh Is Mine To Exploit or To Be Crowned King And Stabbed To Death. A couple of these tracks have made appearances before elsewhere, while a couple are newer. This group is strictly for diehard underground dwellers and no one else. Find the band at www.dimentianon or e-mail - Anna Tergel