Sign Of Truth - Painful Lust - 2002
Anima Mundi - 2004 - AFM
Fairytales And Reality - 2006 - Locomotive

Dionysus image
S= Chryztyne, Treasure Seeker, Lord Byron, Luca Turilli>>OLAF HAYER>>Luca Turilli



D= Falcon, Saturnine, Sinergy>>Ronny Milianowicz>>Cromonic - Sinergy>>RONNY MILIANOWICZ

History & Biography
Dionysus - named after the mythical god of wine - is a German/Swedish band formed by Ronny Milianowicz and Johnny Öhlin. It eventually featured members of Nation, Sinergy and others. The band has a pompous and virtuoso sound.
A demo called Paradise Land translated into the band's debut album which was released 11.11.2002. The limited first edition of the album featured a bonus song called Loaded Gun. The album was produced by Edguy's Tobias Sammet (who performed some baking vocals) and mixed by Tommy Newton at Rhoen Studio.
Anima Mundi was issued in February of 2004, although the band toured Europe as support for Saxon and Doro late in 2003. The album featured credits by vocalist Joacim Cans of Hammerfall. The band’s third album on a new label was issued in late 2006 and featured a new drummer.


Dionysus is a young band with experienced members. And it shows on both accounts. The music is very hip with today's European scene. It comes across as a mixture of Classical with the guitars of Yngwie Malmsteen, the pomp of Rhapsody and the arrangements and grandeur of Freedom Call. At the same time, the musicians, demonstrate a facility for their instruments. Each member masters his instrument with confidence. The music is altogether too soft and keyboard-oriented for a metal fan, but enthusiasts of progressive or pomp rock can and will get into Sign Of Truth. As mentioned, the mixture of instrumental proficiency and harder moments a la Freedom Call or the Halford-ish vocals on a song like Bringer Of Salvation make this album relevant. A song like Holy War is impressive, but a ballad like Don't Forget is cheesy beyond belief.
This is impressive for a debut release. The band should nevertheless do the Dionysian thing, drop the keyboards and the backing vocals and get down to real business. - Ali "The Metallian"