Danger Of Infection - 1997 - Beast
Real World - 1999 - Beast
Blown - 2002 - Knight

Dirty Deeds image
S= Chariot, Charge>>PETE FRANKLIN

G= Chariot, Charge>>PETE FRANKLIN - British Lion>>Barry Fitzgibbon

B= TONY NEWTON>>Voodoo Six

D= Gangland>>DAVE CAVILL

History & Biography
London HM act Dirty Deeds' history is intertwined with Iron Maiden. Founder Franklin was a member of the ill-fated eighties band Chariot which had managed to open for Iron Maiden back then. In fact many years later Harris sees the band perform live when he is searching for a replacement for Bruce Dickinson. He is impressed enough to offer the band time at his home studio and wear their T-shirt on video. The new band toured with Maiden across Europe (as a replacement for My Dying Bride) in January 1996 and that before even releasing an album. When the band recorded its debut (produced by Steve Harris and Nigel Green), it had to recruit a new drummer and the release was slated for the new company launched by Steve Harris called Beast Records. The debut was initially launched in Japan in '97 and released in Europe in the spring of '98. The band, naturally, even managed to open for Bruce Dickinson solo (as well as Maiden and UFO) after the release. The next album was produced by Iron Maiden sound man Doug Hall at Barnyard Studio and released first in Europe and months later in North America and the band did several shows with the likes of Kick and Krokus. 2001 sees the demise of Beast Records. The year also sees the departure of Fitzgibbon due to musical differences and the introduction of the new guitarist Richie Faulkner. The band formed a management a and record company in 2002 in Los Angeles and independently released the third album.



Dirty Deeds