Evil Desire – 2017 - Tales From The Pit/GrimmDistribution

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The São Paulo, Brazil-based band was founded in 2013. A self-titled demo appeared soon. Arthur Assis was added. GrimmDistribution and Tales From The Pit issued the band’s debut.

Mistery is a thrash metal band.


The most straightforward way to describe Dirty Grave’s album is to say ‘Saint Vitus.’ This album clones Saint Vitus’ debut. There is a little more going on so let us jump in. This black/doom metal act has listened intently to the first Saint Vitus album, picked up Pentagram influences along the way and added a few psychedelic influences after overdosing on its drug of choice. Until The Day I Die and Evil Desire also hint at early Judas Priest. The logo is influenced by the early one from the Birmingham/Los Angeles band that has been on its farewell and final tour since 1995. Add the Satanic elements and goodness of black metal, as signified by the lyrics and the photographs of a sexy goat of a chick, and there you have it.
The psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects are present in both the vocals and music. The bass is prominent, but not obvious if that makes sense. The singer sounds out of it, which is perfect for the music (and his dealer). The drummer has a terrible, but not annoying, sound to his snare, which is in point of fact better than the expensive pots and pan-ish sound so-called high-end drummers pay $10,000 to achieve. He keeps the simplest of beats and is largely unaware of what the other two guys in the band are doing. He is tripping on his own groove and he cannot care less – unless his band members reach for his stash. The Satanic and gloomy lyrics are a change of pace. Unfortunately, the grammar needs some polishing. At one point the vocalist sings “… you dead,” but it sounds like “god is dead.” Listen for the simplistic noise solo on the track. Beyond The Door has a story under its effects and keyboards. Remorse is a clone of Saint Vitus and contains psychedelia. The aforementioned You Dead picks up the pace and is actually the best track here. There is a tightness and groove to the band’s acceleration. There is a booming catchiness here. Track number eight is eight minutes of simultaneously experimental and laidback heaviness.
Owing to its simplicity Evil Desire is quite easy to get into. The band has few pretensions. It is cool to see Satan find his way back into doom metal again. The front and back cover chick needs more nudity, but hey beggars cannot be choosers. – Ali “The Metallian”


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