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S= STEPHANE MORILLON>>Voracious Gangrene
G= Suffocation>>ERIC MOYEN
B= Braindeath>>PASCAL BIRONNEAU>>Braindeath
D= Suffocation>>LAURENT ROY

This death metal band came together in October 1991, with Pascal on vocals, Romain Quinsac on guitar and Phil Paya on bass, and adopted the Disabled monicker a year later. Philippe Paya did not make the transition and left in 1993. The Disabled, Demo ’93 and Here Lies Your God (1995) demos followed. Eric Moyen had joined at the beginning of 1993. Craziness Musix issued an EP, called Faith Ablation, in 1997. It was recorded in November 1996. The band was disabled in 1998. When All Is Slayed was a 2012 compilation featuring a rare colour cover by Chris Moyen. Anti-Human Conspiracy issued a lost tape called The Final Exhumation in 2018. It was recorded previous to Faith Ablation. The label claimed the tape was found in Chris Moyen’s cupboard. Xenokorp issued it as a digipak in 2020. The album’s release was postponed due to COVID-19.

Eric is the brother of underground artist Chris Moyen. The band opened for Sinister, Carcass, Loudblast, Mercyless and others.


If memory serves me correctly I once met one or the other member of this band in Canada and the listing of several Canadian bands in the thank you list might corroborate that. Having been formed at the beginning of the '90s the French quartet sings the gospel of death metal. The six-track mini-CD preaches nothing less than death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse (hear the voice of singer Stephane Morillon), Autopsy and early Carcass. The sound of the guitar is not endearing, but the guttural vocals, the general arrangement and the speed of the music make up for it. A clearly unidirectional style then, but when a band categorically narrows down its audience one knows things will be pure. Check out the return of cover artist C. Moyen who, as always, manages a black and white work of art dismemberment. - Ali "The Metallian"