Fragments Of D-Generation - 2004 - Soundholic
Mind Tricks - 2006 - Scarlet
The Isolation Game - 2009 - Coroner
Cold Inferno - 2015 - Coroner

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Mirco Andreis


History & Biography
This band was formed in 1999 and issued a demo called Nebularium in 2002. The recording featured guitarists Simone Palermiti and Federico Cagliero. The metal band was signed to Scarlet Records in Europe and Soundholic for Japan. Bjorn Strid guested on the band's debut. A second album called Mind Tricks was issued in 2006. The album featured two singers a cover of Pantera’s Mouth For War. The band’s The Isolation Game would, despite rumours, was not released by Scarlet Records. Soilwork’s Bjorn "Speed" Strid would sing on the album. The band, which still featured Björn "Speed" Strid, signed a deal with a Coroner Records. The band was to release a new album, The Isolation Game, in November. A re-release of the debut Nebularium featuring an EP called The Restless Memoirs was out that summer.

Disarmonia Mundi’s 2015 album was entitled Cold Inferno. The album would be released on the 9th of June through Coroner Records. Claudio Ravinale had yet another band in 2020. This one was influenced by Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. The band was in studio putting the finishing touches on the debut full-length entitled The Ugly Truth, which was expected in 2021 through Rockshots. Leaving So Soon? was the band’s current single.

Rockshot Records jumped on the re-release trend and was reissuing the 2004 album, Fragments of D-Generation, on vinyl as part of its new Vinyl Series in 2022. Ravinale had a goth rock band called Infernalizer, which had a record called After Dark through Rockshots Records in October 2023. The 2006 album Mind Tricks was re-released on vinyl by Rockshots Records in 2023. Claudio Ravinale equally shared vocal duties with Swedish session hero Bjorn Speed Strid.


The advance press and news from Scarlet Records about Disarmonia Mundi's new album has proven to be correct. While the Gothenburg sound, as espoused by the likes of In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Soilwork and others, has influenced many bands all over the world, very few manage to reproduce the entire package as well as this bunch - and that includes indigenous Swedish bands. In that sense, Disarmonia Mundi reminds me of France's Lyzanxia.
Fragments Of D-Generation takes things a step further and employs Soilwork's Bjorn Strid on vocals. The band does a good job of cloning Soilwork and In Flames and even has a couple of songs like Common State Of Inner Violence and Morgue Of Centuries which better the originators. The band is very rhythmic, has solid riffs and a fantastic and warm drum sound. Things fall apart when the Italians resolve to copy everything their Swedish idols do. First the clean vocals kick in followed by songs like Swallow The Flames and Oceangrave which introduce the electronic elements into the fray. Sad, for without these commercialisms the band would have been an enjoyable entity.
As things stand, fans of the aforementioned Swedish bands will find a viable Italian alternative that even features members from the real deal. - Ali "The Metallian"

How does one describe lowered expectations of low expectations? Disarmonia Mundi seemed exactly like the type of band, which would release a so-so album, but would soon drift down the stream of commercialism and powerlessness. Mind Tricks is weaker than 2004’s Fragments Of D-Generation.
The Italian band featuring Bjorn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork has pulled a...Soilwork on the fans and issued an album so full of clichés, insults and inanity that it can only be called mallcore. The commercial melodies and adolescent choruses live side by side with electronic samples and digital effects. At times, Mind Trick seems like just that with the odd song sounding like a radio friendly attempt, while another coming across as almost danceable.
Some people call this crud “melodic death.” Listening to the grade school chant of a song like Celestial Furnace, the umpteenth cover version - this time of Pantera’s Mouth For War - and every other embarrassing feat under the sun one has to wonder. The problem with albums like Mind Tricks is that the attempt often backfires, the members sell even less copies and make even less money than previously. That might be the real meaning of Mind Tricks. - Ali “The Metallian”

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” my mother used to say. Actually, she never said any such thing. The saying can probably be attributed to 101 weak-minded writers for a 101 metal magazines who are either too gutless to do their jobs and to level with their readers or are making sure that the flow of free music or advertising doesn’t abate. This reminds me one of how poor or middle class people keep voting against their own interests for right-wing choices, who are all for the rich and corporate interests, since they fantasize that they too will one day be wealthy and sit atop of the pyramid.
Disarmonia Mundi is doing what it has done on its previous albums, although the electronics and synthesizers are clearly restrained on The Isolation Game. Perhaps the title of the album is a clue as to why. The ding dang of all the effects and keys had isolated the band from the real metal scene. Nevertheless, the electronic effects are still there as are the clean vocals and chants. Once again, it is regrettable given how much aggression and pent-up anger the band can deliver. The music’s underlying structure theme is tough and there are many solid rhythms on the album. Alas, in its quest to be modern, Building An Empire Of Dust is essentially a popcore song put to hard guitars. The title track is a big offender vocally and so on when a track like Digging The Grave Of Silence proves the band could be both melodic and heavy. Soilwork and In Flames are ridiculous. This is whatever ridiculous is in Italian. - Ali “The Metallian"


Disarmonia Mundi