Rhapsodies In Red - 1992 - Osmose
Folter - 1994 - Lethal
...And Hungry Are The Lost - 2001 - Perverted Taste
Marinate Your Meat - 2006 - Cudgel

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S= Disharmonic Orchestra>>Harald Bezdek - ELMAR WARMUTH

G= Disharmonic Orchestra>>Harald Bezdek - ELMAR WARMUTH

B= Walter Schweiger - Last Dawn>>OLIVER NEUSSL

D= Manfred Perack - Disharmonic Orchestra>>Martin Messner - MANFRED PERACK

History & Biography
DM was founded by Bezdek in 1988 after his departure from Disharmonic Orchestra. With 1989 comes a demo entitled Embryonic Utergestation and a 7" called Extra Uterine Pregnancy via Gore Records. The Flesh Is What I Need demo (1991) follows several Scandinavian, German and Austrian shows in 1990. 1991's sees an appearance on the Soul Rape sampler and signing with Osmose. That cooperation is over quickly and in 1992 the band releases a MCD called Where The Blood Forever Rains through Napalm Records. Although the band releases a CD through Lethal Records it is not long before the act throws in the towel. Four years later when several of the band members begin jamming with the idea of starting a new band, the members decide to simply resurrect the old band name and so DM is back. With Headless Autofellatio and Landshark the band makes an appearance on Planet Dark's Even Further South compilation, but two members, namely Walter Schweiger and Manfred Fülöp, leave the fold. Undeterred a new line up is assembled and with a new three record contract in hand, the band releases its third album in July of 2001.
Germany's Cudgel signed the band in the summer of 2005 and soon issued the Marinate Your Meat album soon. An EP called Daily Toilet Torturing preceded the full-length.



Disastrous Murmur