Perceptive Deception - 2001 - Unique Leader
Stagnated Existence - 2007 – Neurotic
Revocation Of The Fallen – 2020 – Brutal Mind

Disavowed image
Pyaemia>>Joel Sta>>Pyaemia, Arsebreed – Bloodcum, Arsebreed, Obsidian, Synesis Absorption>>ROBBE KOK>>Arsebreed, Obsidian, Synesis Absorption, Carceri

Rottus, Bloodcum, Arsebreed>>DAAN [DANIEL VAN DER BROEK]>>Bloodcum, Arsebreed - Obsidian>>GERBEN VAN DER BIJ>>Obsidian


Pyaemia>>Robbe Vrijenhoek>>Pyaemia, Buried - Imperial Sodomy, Arsebreed, Kaoteon, Necrophagist>>Romain Goulon>>Arsebreed, Kaoteon, Necrophagist, Scaveng’ours, Benighted, Raising The Veil, Spectral, Spheric Universe Experience, Isgherurd Morth, Mephistophelian, Solo – The Thirteenth Sun, Necrovile, Indian Fall, Spectral, Neuromorph, CodeRed, Moordzucht, Autokrator, Pestilence>>SEPTIMIU HĂRŞAN>>The Thirteenth Sun, Necrovile, Indian Fall, Spectral, Neuromorph, CodeRed, Moordzucht, Autokrator, Pestilence

History & Biography
Disavowed was formed as Nocturnal Silence in the summer of 1994. A few shows were played and a demo entitled Into The Abscess was recorded in 1995. The band manages to sell and give away 150 copies. Another demo called ...And Create A Moonless Sky was recorded for which Pyaemia singer Joel Sta recorded some vocals. Shortly thereafter drummer Maarten Winnips quit and was replaced by Pyaemia's Robbert Vrijenhoek. When guitarist Dorus Neijboer quit also, Sta replaced him and officially joined the fold. Following the line-up changes, the band's style turned heavier and in the May of 1998 a demo CD entitled Plateau was released. The band now changed monickers. The demo Point Of Few follows in December of 1999. The band signed with Unique Leader Records (Pyaemia was already contracted here) and released Perceptive Deception in late 2001. The album was recorded at Excess Studio. The band toured North America and played Germany's Fuck The Commerce Festival to promote its debut.

Robbe Vrijenhoek was forced to withdraw due to a recurring wrist injury. Obsidian, featuring new singer Robbe K of Disavowed, signed to Rusty Cage Records. The group finally issued a second album in 2007 after several line-up changes. Gerben also joined Obsidian in late 2007. The band recruited drummer Morten Løwe Sørenson (Submission, Scarve, The Cleansing, etc.) as of April, 2009. Drummer Septimiu Hărşan joined in 2015. He was also part of the Pestilence line-up of 2017. Revocation Of The Fallen was issued by Brutal Mind, which would also pick up Carceri several years later. Septimiu Hărşan was on drums.