Disbelief - 1997 - GSM
Infected - 1998 - Massacre
Worst Enemy - 2001 - Massacre
Shine - 2002 - Massacre
Spreading The Rage - 2004 - Massacre
66Sick - 2005 - Nuclear Blast
Navigator - 2007 - Massacre
Protected Hell - 2009 - Massacre
Heal! - 2010 - Massacre
The Symbol Of Death – 2016 - Listenable
The Ground Collapses – 2020 – Listenable
Killing Karma - 2024 - Listenable

Disbelief image
Karsten Jager>>Morgoth – Morgoth>>KARSTEN JÄGER>>Morgoth

Vice, Devastate, Legal Hate>>Tommy Fritsch – Delusion>>Olle Lenz - Jan-Dirk Loffler - Downscape, Legal Hate>>Witali Weber – Painful>>DAVID RENNER – Eternal Sadness, Soul Demise>>Alexander Hagenauer>>Soul Demise, Sacrifire – Verdict, Defective Reality>>MARIUS PACK>>Defective Reality

No Silence, Sacrifire>>JOCHEN TRUNK>>Sacrifire

Devastate>>Kai Bergerin – Landbierband, Wytchcraft, Never Comes Silence>>Fabian Regmann>>Never Comes Silence, Sacrifire, Décembre Noir - Lay Down Rotten, E 605, Act Of Creation, Demonbreed, Corrosive, Miseo>>TIMO CLAAS>>Miseo

History & Biography
Singer Karsten and drummer Markus founded Disbelief in the summer of 1990. The first show was played in November of 1991 even though the band was not having an easy time of finding a bassist. In 1992 the quartet released a promo tape recorded on an 8-track in the rehearsal room of another local Gross-Umstadt band called Devastate. Unbound, the band's first demo, was released in 1993. Choice followed in 1995. The band supported Infected by touring with Crowbar and Totenmond. After two albums Jager was turfed from the band only to be readmitted again after a failed search. The band plays a fine mixture of death and thrash metal. Heavy touring (with Immortal, Hypocrisy, Bolt Thrower, etc.) ensues in 2001 and 2002.

Nuclear Blast Records America worked out a deal with Massacre Records for the release of the Spreading The Rage. The band consequently signed to the label.

The band and guitarist Jan-Dirk Löffler went their separate ways in late 2004. A Tommy Fritsch temporarily replaced him. Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio produced 66Sick.

Guitarist Olly Lenz was not touring with the band as part of The Monster Mosh Down Tour due to "health problems" in late 2005. A friend of the band, Matthias Richter, replaced him for the tour. Disbelief, now featuring guitarist Tommy Fritsch again, returned to Massacre Records in 2006. A new album was expected in December of that year. It appeared early in 2007, but not before losing Lenz. The band next parted ways with guitarist Tommy Fritsch "due to private and musical reasons." A replacement by the name of Witali Weber was soon onboard. The band hit the live circuit with Graveworm, In Slumber and Deadborn. Disbelief released a 20th anniversary album, called Heal, on May 21st through Massacre Records. The album contained eight songs including three cover versions and a remake of the song Shine. The cover versions were by Killing Joke, Kingdom Come and Crimson Glory. Disbelief lost guitarist Witali Weber and drummer Kai Bergerin in the autumn of 2010. In late 2013, Disbelief recruited guitarist David "Dave" Renner (Painful) and drummer Sandro "Drumster" Schulze. The band's new line-up would perform at AKK on November 16th in Karlsruhe, Germany. Karsten Jager replaced Marc Grewe in Morgoth in late 2014 and was working with his new band on an album. The band released a new album, called The Symbol Of Death, on April 21 through Listenable Records. This album introduced two new guitarists and a drummer to the fold. Bassist Trunk also joined Sacrifire in 2019. Drummer Fabian "Fab" Regmann and guitarist Alexander Hagenauer were also serving Sacrifire. That band's guitarist Alexander Hagenauer had been in Disbelief. The group released an album called Killing Karma album through Listenable Records in April 2024. This was drummer Timo Claas' first recording with the act since joining in 2021.


66Sick is Disbelief's sixth album and, despite the title, is not all that sick or even Satanic. The band has its sickest and hardest song up front in the form of the song Sick which is crushing and heavy. The sound is busy, the guitars and vocals front and centre and the mix a sick combination. There is much in the album that is groovy and slamming, but there is also much hand wringing in the form of spoken vocals, gothic vocals, hardcore riffs and acoustic guitars. The latter certainly adds a new layer to the music, but overall the album is not straightforward brutality if that is your cup of vomit. The song Continue From This Point, for instance, is more subdued and rather more melodic than the aforementioned Sick. Having said that, much of the album is way too extreme for most and the vocals and guitars are often distorted and downright cold-blooded. Fans of Sepultura should love this release for which North Americans fell behind Europe by several months. - Ali "The Metallian"