Power Trap - 1990 - Fringe
Ominous Prophecy - 1992 - Fringe
Invincible Enemy - 1993 - Mindt Gash
Mechanikill - 1996 - Mindt Gash
In Dust We Trust - 2002 - Mindt Gash

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Chris Chapman>>Section VIII, Suic!de Pact, Culled - Colin Post>>Sapphist, Section VIII

Section VIII, Warmarch>>DEAN RELF>>Section VIII, Warmarch

History & Biography
Disciples Of Power was formed on a cold night somewhere in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, which the locals call Medicine Hat. Envisaged as a Western Canadian thrash metal act, Hart and his motley crew of thrashers soon opened for bands like D.R.I. and C.O.C. The band releases two demos, one called The Call Of The C'htulu and the other Power Of Death. Looking to release a full-length, the band travelled to Ottawa and recorded ten songs. Upon hearing the recordings, Brian Taylor (producer for Sacrifice, Razor et al) of Toronto offered the band a contract and released the band's debut on Fringe. A video for Crisis is also recorded and duly ignored by the media. A Canadian tour and the departure of guitarist Williams followed. Ominous Prophecy is recorded with Fist producer Ron Chenier. Another tour and a video (for Nature's Fury - shot in Vancouver) followed. The year after saw the band's debut on its own record company. The band played around Canada and headlined the Moshfest in their new hometown of Edmonton. A period of inactivity was followed by the recruitment of a new and second singer and an altered sound dubbed Cyber Metal. Naturally, the world had next to zero Cyber Metal fans and the album didn't do well. The band split up to do several others projects, yet did manage to play some shows in 1997 only to disappear again. More recently, the band played live sporadically. Canadian thrashers Disciples Of Power reformed in 1999 and were playing live.

In the summer of 2002 Disciples Of Power released a new CD entitled In Dust We Trust. The band split up shortly thereafter.

Disciples Of Power reformed in 2012. The band had split up in 2002 after several albums on Fringe. Disciples Of Power's was singer Shane Hawco (Thorazine, Exit Strategy, Wake, Culled, etc.), guitarists Ben Harbak (The Noumenon, Acantha, Culled and Begrime Exemious) and Wes Sontag and drummer Dean Relf (drums). Spencer Ball was the vocalist beginning 2016. Colin Osterman was the newest guitarist. Ukrainian label Poizon/Eclectic Records re-issued Disciples Of Power’s 1993 album Invincible Enemy. A re-issue of Mechanikill followed. The band was inactive.



Dosciples Of Power