Transcendence Into The Peripheral - 1993 - Relapse

Disembowelment image
S= Trial Of The Bow, Scum>>RENATO GALLINA>>Trial Of The Bow
G= Trial Of The Bow, Scum>>RENATO GALLINA>>Scum, Trial Of The Bow - Abramelin>>JASON KELLS>>Firebird, Southern Cross
B= Sanctum, Trial Of The Bow>>MATT SKARAJEW>>Trial Of The Bow
D= Scum>>PAUL MAZZIOTTA>>Scum, Monochrome

Formed in the autumn of 1989 by Gallina and Mazziotta, Disembowelment was initially a garage band of the two called bacteria. The band's first demo was named Mourning September and was followed by 1991's Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate. Two songs from this demo and an additional song appeared as Dusk on the Relapse Underground Series CD.
The band appeared on MBR's Panatalgia sampler and was also offered a contract with the German label. The band's debut full-length was recorded during the spring of 1992 at Toy Box Studio of Melbourne and further established the band as an original doom metal act. Disembowelment then made a conscious decision to break up.
Trial Of The Bow was an experimental project which outlasted the band, and Firebird evolved into Southern Cross. Monochrome was an alternative rock band. Scum was another side project which was actually a Napalm Death cover band. To the best of the author's knowledge Disembowelment was a studio band which never played live. The band believed itself incapable of transferring its atmosphere into the live situation.