Cranial Impalement - 1999 - Extremities
She Lay Gutted - 1999 - Unique Leader
Consume The Forsaken - 2002 - Unique Leader
Parallels Of Infinite Torture - 2004 - Crash

Disgorge image
S= Cinerary>>Matti Way>>Liturgy - A.J. Magna>>Deprecated - Sabbatic Feast, Pathology>>Levi Fuselier>>Sabbatic Feast, Pathology
G= Tony Freithoffer - David Hill - Mortuus Terror, Obscured Secretions>>ED TALORDA>>Obscured Secretions - Strangulation, Pathology, Obscured Secretions>>DIEGO SANCHEZ>>Strangulation, Pathology, Obscured Secretions
B= Eric Flesley - Strangulation>>Ben Marlin>>Strangulation
D= Cinerarym Suffocation, Martyred>>RICKY MYERS>>Suffocation, Martyred

California's Disgorge became a band in 1992 through the collaboration of Ricky Myers, Bryan Ugartechea and Tony Freithoffer. The band issued the Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation demo in the same year and shortly after relocated to San Diego. A Demo '95 followed and the band signed with Extremities Records. A deal with Unique Leader followed as did many shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Brodequin's singer Jamie Bailey toured with the band in 2002 for the Bloodletting North America III shows. Album number four, Parallels Of Infinite Torture, came out through Crash Music in the spring of 2005 and featured singer Levi Fuselier. The band headlined the Tokyo Deathfest in the spring of 2005 alongside Vomit Remnants and others. The group split up in 2006 and reformed in 2011. Bassist Ben Marlin died on January 2nd 2008 due to cancer.

In 2014, Unique Leader Records announced its first annual label showcase. Set to take place on June 15th at The Black Castle in Los Angeles, bands included Disgorge (USA), Condemned, Arkaik, Unmerciful, Inanimate Existence, The Kennedy Veil, Alterbeast, Euphoric Defilement, Omnihility and guests Mouth Of The Serpent. Bassist Diego Soria also joined Broken Hope in late 2014. Cryptopsy, Disgorge and Soreption were touring the USA in May of the year of someone’s lord 2015.


Parallels Of Infinite Torture is not for anyone looking for any degree of variety. This ten song release is as straightforward as they come these days, with almost 44 minutes of classic brutal death metal not unlike Incantation and Suffocation and complete with some of the same vocals heard on many of the genre’s biggest and best bands. The production is also similar to many of the same releases in that sometimes it seems that the drums and vocals are recorded at different levels where they tend to drown the guitars and bass. Titles like Revealed In Obscurity, Descending Upon Convulsive Devourment and Ominous Signs Of Ungodly Ruin are not a misrepresentation either as this is very much a true '90s-style death metal release. - Anna Tergel