Back To Times Of Splendor - 2004 - Metal Blade
Gloria - 2006 - Metal Blade
The Liberation – 2019 - Prophecy
Ayam – 2022 - Prophecy

Disillusion image
S= Moshquito>>VURTOX [ANDREAS SCHMIDT]>>Moshquito

G= Moshquito>>VURTOX [ANDREAS SCHMIDT]>>Moshquito - Dying In Silence, Loom>>Rajk Barthel – Caroozer, Chime>>BEN HAUGG>>Caroozer, Chime – Nitrolyt>>Sebastian Hupfer

B= Moshquito>>Vurtox [Andreas Schmidt]>>Moshquito – Chime>>Felix Tilemann>>Chime - ROBBY KRANZ

D= Moshquito, Pigs Must Purge>>Jens Maluschka>>Moshquito, Pigs Must Purge – Of Brutality And Grace, Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew>>Josh Saldanha>>Svengali - MARTIN SCHULZ

History & Biography
Disillusion was formed in 1994 in the former East Germany. The band featured Andreas Schmidt, singer and guitarist Tobias Spier, bassist Markus Espenhain and drummer Alex Motz. A couple of line-up changes occurred and the band recorded tapes called Subspace Inanity and Red. The demos did not translate into success and with band members departing the act folded in 1998.

Schmidt and Motz would soon reform the band, but the latter man would soon leave again. With new members completing the line-up the boys recorded a demo called Three Neuron Kings in 2001. This was followed by The Porter EP which was issued through Voice Of Life Records in 2002. This, in turn, translated into a deal with Metal Blade Records. The band's full-length debut was issued in the winter of 2004. The album was a concept story. Drummer Jens Maluschka left in the autumn of 2006 citing fatherhood and family obligations. The band welcomed drummer Jens Maluschka back into the fold following a two-year absence in 2008. New to the band was bassist Matthias Becker who was in the band SAFI. Not much happened until a new album on a new label emerged in 2019. Schmidt was the surviving member. Haugg had joined in 2010. Martin Schulz became the drummer in 2019. Robby Kranz became the bassist in 2020. A Valediction European Tour 2021 featured Obscura, Disillusion and Persefone.

Disillusion had an album called Ayam through Prophecy in November 2022. The act featured two new members. Guitarist Sebastian Hupfer came and went. The act was conducting a twentieth anniversary tour in Europe in the spring of 2024. ProgPower USA XXIII was to take place between September 4 and 7, 2024. Bands announced included Winger (performing Pull), Amorphis, Lovebites, Pagan’s Mind, Soen, Damian Wilson, Eleine, Disillusion, Fifth Angel, Striker and Frozen Crown.


The debut full-length release of Germany's Disillusion is an intricate, complex and advanced musical narration. The concept album sees many highs and lows and travels the soundscapes of several musical genres. The band can be soft, heavy, fast or slow. It can be linear or involved, but holds the structure and the production together at all times regardless.
Given the multifold nature of Disillusion it is difficult to synopsize the music on Back To Times Of Splendor. Suffice to say it is not suited particularly well to today's fast food society. Having said that, it is not an appropriate diet for a metal purist either and those of us who avoid deviating from the chosen path should bypass this album. There are several great parts on this album, but those are surrounded by non-metal/orchestral and otherwise intricate music owing allegiance to other styles of music. Those who wish to get to know Disillusion intimately may as well postpone all other activity in the next day or two at least. - Ali "The Metallian"