Hell Gate - 2005 - A Sangre Fría
Guerra Eterna - 2022 - War Ogre

S= Eternal Exhumation>>Israel ‘Coprophagus’ Beltran>>Eternal Exhumation, Icons Of Blasphemy - Black Angel, Ritual, Eternal Exhumation, Rotten Evisceration>>LEO ‘ESOPHAGUS’ NAVARRETE>>Black Angel, Ritual, Eternal Exhumation, Rotten Evisceration

G= Bleed Of Hate>>Luis Sánchez De Castro>>Blizzard Hunter, Necropsya, Flor De Loto, Artemis Rage - Eternal Exhumation, Ritual, Psicorragia>>Israel ‘Coprophagus’ Beltran>>Eternal Exhumation, Ritual, Psicorragia, Necrofagore - Bestiarius, Tormented>>ANDRES RAMOS>>Bestiarius, Tormented - Tunjum, Necrofagore, Lament Christ>>KATIUZCA GUERRERO>>Tunjum, Necrofagore, Lament Christ

B= Elektrash, Dominium, Gore>>Alejandro Hernández>>Elektrash, Gore, Dehumanizer, Eternal Exhumation, Akrateia, Cancerbero - Israel ‘Coprophagus’ Beltran>>Icons Of Blasphemy

D= Supplicium, Gore>>ROBERTO ‘WAR OGRE’ LEONARDI>>Gore, Supplicium

History & Biography
This version of a Disinter was founded in Peru in 1993. Early 1996 and 1997 demos were called Laments From The Castle Of Sorrow and Unborn. As is mandatory, these would be re-issued and re-released by labels in the coming years. Someone called Yawar Inti Productions compiled these demos as Laments Of The Unborn in 2001. The band had dissolved in the meanwhile.

A local label called A Sangre Fría Records released the group’s debut. War Pest was a 2007 compilation that nonetheless included several new songs. Leonardo Navarrete returned to the fold after an absence of six years. The band went on a hiatus until a 2016 demo called Infierno De Arena/Impale The Enemy. Israel Beltran left in 2019. Revelations From The Dark Past was a 2020 self-cover version record.

Katiuzca Guerrero became the second guitarist in 2022. Disinter (Peru) and Disinter (USA) had a split release called Alliance Of Death through Pest Records in 2022. The songs were available on other releases previously. War Ogre Records, of the band’s drummer, released a new full-length in the same year. The album was comprised of a trilogy. Esophagus took over the bass too. Pest Records re-released Guerra Eterna, the fourth studio album by the band, in 2023. The band played at Total Thrash Attack 2023 alongside Miserable and others.