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History & Biography
The Lithuanian Dissection was formed around the same time as the better-known Swedish band with the same name, but three years after the Canadian band of the same monicker. Earlier known as the equally unoriginal Necropsy and even earlier as Griuvesiai ('ruins'), the band existed from 1990 (initially as Necropsy) to 1993. Two demos were issued, namely 1992’s Suffocating Syndrom and 1993’s Pyramid Of Hate. The band had some interest from Cenotaph Records, but nothing transpired with the band’s drummer increasingly busy with Ghostorm. The band had used Juodas of Conscious Rot to record two songs exclusively for Cenotaph. Lithuanian label Ledo Takas remastered the tapes and issued them as one disc in 2009 as volume one of something called Lithuanian Metal. The Roots. This disc was called Dissected Tapes.

Before the end, two members had joined Conscious Rot. Two overlapping members joined Ossuary. The group’s early rehearsals were in Laimis’ parents flat.


This disc compiles and packages the two demos of the long disbanded Lithuanian death metal act into one disc sixteen years after the group’s demise. Shouldn’t the underground remain underground? Are there not any new bands worthy of being signed and given a chance in the same manner that Dissection craved a label deal while it was active? Does the minimal cost of packaging old material automatically justify its release?
The band’s two demos, Suffocating Syndrom and Pyramid Of Hate, are presented here in reverse order suggesting that the band or label thought the second to be the better one. 1992’s Suffocating Syndrom is shorter and has more processed vocals. 1993’s Pyramid Of Hate gravitates more towards Obituary, especially vocally, and is more complex. The material is fairly competent and on par with everything else going on in the death metal underground back then. The purity is a given therefore except for the unwise keyboards on Into The Light and the Cynic copycat intro on the second demo, which begins this CD. - Ali “The Metallian”