Maras - 2002 - Ledo Takas
Parakeikimas - 2005 - Ledo Takas
Atiduokit Mirusius - 2009 - Ledo Takas

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History & Biography
Anyksciai's Dissimulation was formed in 1993 and issued a demo called Juodo Menulio Pasveikinta in 1997, which was promoted by Dangus Productions. The recording earned the band slots at shows like Baltic Thunder and Death Comes. The Miglose 7" EP followed in 2000 (recorded at Tamsta studio in 1999) and Maras in 2002. Maras featured a sampled speech by Adolf Hitler, which supposedly made a German producer decline to work with the band. Dissimulation toured Finland in 2000 with Nahash. Parakeikimas means Damnation. The album was recorded at Riga's Phoenix Studio.

Three years passed before the band entered the studio in order to record a follow-up. Atiduokit Mirusius was released in 2009. The title was Lithuanian for ‘give back the dead.’ The third album, Atiduokit Mirusius, which was recorded back in 2008 and earlier available only as CD edition was out and available through Ledo Takas on vinyl in 2012 as well. 2012 brought the Iškelk Ir Išniekink MLP/MCD.


As far as credible underground bands go Dissimulation probably wears the crown. The Lithuanian band has next to no profile outside its home country, but has been bashing heads for twelve years now. The band's new album, Prakeimas or Damnation in English, is a black thrash metal collection of songs designed for simplicity and impact. The sound is a cross between early Annihilator (circa Alice In Hell) and Destruction. The singing is violent, but there are some silly attempts at opera here and there. Similarly, the album is burdened by Classical and sampled minutes which take away from the impact and value of the disc. A song like Karo Ugnys/I Dausas for instance begins with a razor sharp riff and sound, which bears some similarity to Maiden on acid, but ends up with minutes of atmospheric melody. Another oddity, is the space between tracks. The listener is lead to believe that the album is over when several second later the next song kicks in - unusual! Underground evil thrash metal seekers can exercise their search technics by getting hold of this. - Ali "The Metallian"

Apparently, these Lithuanians see the world as a bit of a joke. Hence the album’s intro which is something of a carnival. Who could blame them?
The evil mongers stick to the Lithuanian formula of singing in the native tongue, but the album graciously provides the purchaser with English translations as well. The music is a mix of the old Canadian thrash metal of Razor and Sacrifice, early ‘90s UK death metal like Malediction and early Germanic thrash like Sodom and Destruction. Sure, the description just confused the hell out of Dimmu/Månegarm fans, which is where the group’s official biography really helps. Check out these choice phrases: “maniacal guitar riffs sound dead bitter and scornful” or “notably intensified vocals reach the places earlier dared not an inch” and “mankind is sold out as a whore.” Couldn’t have put it better myself! The vocals are snarly and evil, although on Šaltyje Akmens the band switches gear to hoarse yelling which highlights the Lithuanian words amidst a sea of acoustic guitars before the song really takes off. The songs are above average quality and power, but the group suffers due to repetition within songs. Riffs and passages are often used and re-used one each song giving the tracks an air of tedium. Admittedly, that is an odd statement given the group’s heavy bombardment. – Ali “The Metallian”