Kronet Til Konge - 1995 - Dodheimsgard
Monumental Possession - 1996 - Malicious
666 International - 1999 - Moonfog
Supervillian Outcast - 2007 - Moonfog
A Umbra Omega – 2015 - Peaceville


S= Apollyon [Ole Jørgen Moe]>>Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc. – Code, Void>>Kvohst [Mat Mcnerney]>>Gangrenator
G= Aphrodisiac, Ved Buens Ende, Naer Mataron>>VICOTNIK [YUSAF PARVEZ]>>Aphrodisiac, Ved Buens Ende, Naer Mataron – Old Man’s Child, Zyklon B, The Deathtrip>>Aldrahn>>Zyklon B, The Deathtrip – Paradigma>>Thrawn [Tom Kvålsvoll]>>Paradigma
B= Darkthrone>>Fenriz>>Darkthrone - Jonas Alver>>Emperor - Paradigma>>Clandestine [Kristian Eidskrem]>>Paradigma, Dodsfall – Nidingr>>Void>>Nidingr
D= Aphrodisiac, Ved Buens Ende>>Vicotnik [Yusaf Parvez]>>Aphrodisiac, Ved Buens Ende – Grand Alchemist>>Sekaran [John Vooren]>>Grand Alchemist


DHG, as they are now known as, began as an extreme and true black metal band and became more and more offbeat. An EP called Satanic Art was supposed to appear on Malicious, but ended up on Moonfog out of necessity. The band's lyrics have alternately been described as either utter rubbish or genius. The completely revamped line-up (with only Vicotnik left standing) issued a new album in 2007 after an eight-year absence. The album was licensed by The End Records for America. Vicotnik joined Naer Mataron in 2007 and was also producing the band’s album. Kvohst left the band for personal reasons in late 2007. Vocalist Kvohst soon had a new band called Gangrenator. The new group was reportedly playing grindcore.

In July of 2013, Vicotnik (a.k.a. Yusaf Parvez) of Norway’s Dødheimsgard (DHG) announced the signing of a new deal and that a new record was due that autumn. The band had several shows booked for the summer. Terghl was on drums and Blargh was on guitar. Myrvoll (ex-Aura Noir) joined on drums in 2019.