The Embryo's in Bloom - 1998 - Outerloop
Anarchists Of Good Taste - 2001 - Spitfire
Committed To A Bright Future - 2003 - Spitfire
Adultery - 2006 - Rotten
Sweet Nothings - 2014 - Rotten

Dog Fashion Disco image
S= The Alter Boys, Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!, Solo>>TODD SMITH>>The Alter Boys, Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!, Solo
G= Greg Combs>>Celebrity Sex Scandal - Phantom Communiqué, Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!>>JASON STEPP>>Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!
B= Stephen Mears - Phantom Communiqué, A Skylit Drive>>BRIAN “WENDY” WHITE>>Phantom Communiqué, A Skylit Drive
D= John Ensminger>>Polkadot Cadaver - Mike Oliver - Polkadot Cadaver>>JOHN ENSMINGER
K= Jeff Siegel>>The Alter Boys - TIM SWANSON

Geoff Stewart - The Alter Boys>>MATT RIPPETOE>>The Alter Boys

Dog Fashion Disco was formed in Maryland in 1995 as Hug The Retard by schoolmates and disbanded in 2007. The band’s Erotic Message demo appeared in 1997. Its follow-up, Experiments In Alchemy, appeared a year later. These garnered the band a deal with Outerloop Records, which released The Embryo's In Bloom. Jeff Siegel replaced Sennen Quigley on keyboards. The group soon signed with Spitfire. The label issued Anarchists Of Good Taste in 2001. In 2003, the band released Committed To A Bright Future and opened for Lacuna Coil in the USA. In 2005, the band was heard covering Anaconda for a Melvins’ tribute album called We Reach: The Music Of The Melvins. The Maryland act lost guitarist Greg Combs and drummer John Ensminger. In 2006, however, the band released another studio album, called Adultery, which again featured drummer John Ensminger. Rotten records also re-released the group’s earlier music. The album and subsequent tour were unsuccessful and the band split up. In 2008, the band’s final show was filmed and released on DVD as DFDVD II through Rotten Records. Several members formed Polkadot Cadaver. The group reunited in October of 2013 and issued a group-funded record through Rotten Records in the summer of 2014. The band had sporadically played shows in 2010 and 2011.

The band prides itself on being alternative and is dubbed “Hard-core Circus Metal.”


A product of a successful Indiegogo campaign Sweet Nothings is Dog Fashion Disco's seventh studio album. Someone's idea of describing the band as "avant garde metal" seems a bad joke when the intro or first song sounds like something out of the Kill Bill soundtrack and comes complete with saxophones. After nearly four minutes of that War Party attempts to introduce the metal. It mixes driving riffs and solid rhythm work with slower non-metal segments that are closer to jazz more than anything else. Scarlet Fever does feature catchy riffs and switches between screams and low key vocals. Perhaps alternative metal is a better description. Tastes So Sweet is mass friendly and has many extra instruments. Doctor's Orders is anything but metal. Envy The Vultures has more of the contrasting styles. Approach And Recede makes it difficult to pin the band to a style, it is at times grungy. Down The Rabbit Hole starts the same way. We Aren't The World features more extra instruments yet again. Struck By Lightning is cabaret-esque. The title track is jazzy or just pure jazz. Pale House starts ballad like adds saxophones then picks it up and then repeats the pattern again. End of The Road is an extended outro type song. The unlisted 14th song is actually nine minutes of the band reading out the names of all Indiegogo contributors. A thanks list, the 21st century way. - Anna Tergel


Dog Fashion Disco