Shock - 1990 - Fringe
Payday - 1991 - Dogbite/Fringe

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S= Fist, Piledriver, Fist, Convict, Brian Greenway>>GORD KIRCHIN>>Sofa-Q, The Exalted Piledriver

G= Sean Abbott>>Taken By Force - Randy Kirchin - Aftermath>>DAVE COPELAND

B= Fist, Piledriver, Fist, Convict, Brian Greenway>>GORD KIRCHIN>>Sofa-Q

D= Bernd "Hurricane" Quiesel - Ruston Baldwin>>Taken By Force -Shawn Tilley

History & Biography
Formed by the infamous Pile Driver Kirchin, these dogs, featuring Gord’s brother, were thrash hounds with a bone to pick. The debut record was reportedly meant as a Piledriver record initially. Dogbite was Kirchin's own label.

Gord Kirchin died due to lung cancer in 2022. He was 60 years old. The life of Gord Kirchin was the subject of Gord Kirchin Reviving His Musical Legacy at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, Canada on 09.12.2022. The man had died in September. Donations would go to the Ottawa area centre where he had received cancer treatment.



Dogs With Jobs