A View To The Dim - 1995 - Progress
The First 9 - 1996 - Progress
Vol.Beat - 1997 - Diehard
Godfallos - 2000 - Diehard

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MICHAEL POULSEN>>Volbeat - Mads Hansen - Stone Age>>JENS PETER STORM

Jesper Olsen - Anders Nielsen - FRANZ HELLBOSS>>Volbeat, Illdisposed

Jess Larsen - Infernal Death, Illdisposed, Panzerchrist>>Lars Hald - BRIAN ANDERSSEN

History & Biography
Formed in Ringsted in 1991, Dominus managed three demos (Ambrosias Locus in 1991 and Astaroth in 1993) before securing a spot on a Progress Red label sampler. A 7" followed on Molon Lave and the band signed to Diehard. At this time Norwegian band leader Poulsen is invited to discuss religion and Satanism with a priest on Television. The band played former East Germany and professed Nordic Satanism. Over the years, the band devolved from a black metal band into Megadeth and even more commercial on Godfallos until the end of the band in 2000. The band didn't survive 2001 and threw in the proverbial towel.

Poulsen hit pay dirt in 2005 with Volbeat.


With such a band name and a jacket message like 'Enjoy Evil' an uninformed fan would be forgiven for thinking 'black metal' right away. While Danish combo Dominus were indeed satanic and death metal-oriented at one point, years have passed and with each new release the band has changed the sound to such an extent that the band's last album (Vol. Beat) was a commercial disaster with purely mainstream ambitions. Fortunately metal fans are still mostly smart and the band fell by the way side (hello Kreator!). Album number four sees the revamped line up emphasize a crunchier metal sound reminiscent of late 80's Metallibore and an attempt to get some of the metal fans to come back to the fold. In itself the release is well done and is accompanied by a good, warm sound; however the closeness to Metallica (new drummer is from a Geriatrica cover band) is too transparent here and the band needs to return to the drawing board to devise an independent master plan. - Ali "The Metallian"

Hot on the heels of the likes of Konkhra and Illdisposed, Denmark sends us another death metal band to contend with. Yet this time, the band is darker in nature and reckons itself Viking in spirit. With a cover that depicts as much and an attitude which commands not to be ignored Dominus and its debut album, View To The Dim, caught the attention of Ali “The Metallian” attention so much that we just had to run an interview with the band and introduce them to a hitherto unsuspecting public. - 1996

Completing the line-up on the aforementioned debut album, which appeared last year on RRS (a division of Progress Records), alongside Mads Hansen (guitars), Jesper Olsen (bass) and drummer Jess Larsen is singer/guitarist is Michael Poulsen who is on the line from his new home in Copenhagen to answer my questions.

It turns out Mads and Jesper are not in the band anymore, but to begin with, “Dominus is Latin for master,” he begins the process of acquainting us with the band. “That’s a good name; it’s expressive, and easy to remember.”

The next step following that explanation of the band’s name is to inquire about the group’s discography up until this point. Turns out there is a story here. Remembers Michael “Ambrosias Locus was our first demo, Astaroth was the second one. It got our name around and made people notice that we are a good band. Then we got a deal with the Greek label Molon Lave for a seven inch EP called, Sidereal Path Of Colours (also a song on the album) featuring an otherwise unreleased track on side B. This label is very cheap, as they don’t have any money to even mail us our copies. The owner even told us that he couldn’t afford food for himself! When Progress heard that we were not signed, they asked for new songs of ours. Following hearing five or six new songs we were signed for an album.”

The result of which is none other than the above-mentioned album. What does the album title refer to, I inquire. “If you look at the first Viking on the cover, you notice that he is searching, looking for a shore.” Poulsen explains by way of answering my question. “He’s looking for his 'view', view to his 'dim'. The lyrics are my personal 'dim'. So I am (in a way) like the Viking.”

This explanation of the title brings me to my next question, which pertains the Viking imagery and lyrics. The theme’s existence has ulterior motives as the man recounts. “You see, our demos were about under the Witching metal banner to distinguish the band from the rest of the heap. This is straightforward, minimalistic, simple, no-nonsense and the perfect anti-dote to technicality in metal - sorta like early Rotting Christ.”

This interview initially appeared in Pit Magazine No. 16.

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