The Subverts>>DOOM - UK

War Crimes - In Human Beings - 1988 - Peaceville
Total Doom - 1989 - Peaceville
Peel Sessions - 1989 - Strange Fruit
The Greatest Invention – 1993 – Vinyl Japan
Doomed From The Start - 1993 - Discipline
The Greatest Invention - 1993 – Discipline
Rush Hour Of The Gods – 1996 – Flat Earth
Fuck Peaceville - 1996 - Profane Existence
World Of Shit – 2001 – Vinyl Japan
Corrupt Fucking System – 2013 – Black Cloud

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Jon Pickering>>Police Bastard - Genital Deformities>>Tom Croft


Jon Pickering>>Police Bastard - Paul Mullen - Largactyl>>SCOOT

Extreme Noise Terror>>STICK [TONY DICKENS]>>Extreme Noise Terror, D.I.R.T

History & Biography
Once known as The Subverts, the band changed its monicker at the same time as recruiting Mick Harris who will later join Napalm Death. The band was heard via demos like War Is Big Business and an appearance on A Vile Peace compilation. The band signed to Peaceville - a relationship that culminated in the self-explanatory album Fuck Peaceville in 1996. The group had fallen out with Peaceville, which they accused of being as much a scam as Earache, especially after Peaceville sold the band’s rights to Music For Nations. This album was probably an inspiration for Napalm Death's Enemy Of The Music Business four years later! A split LP called Bury The Debt - Not The Dead was recorded with No Security as well. The band split up in 1990, but reformed two years ago and toured through Japan and Europe and recorded with a new singer and bassist. Stick had used the time to found Extreme Noise Terror!

Singer Wayne Southworth was found dead at home in 2005. The band returned in 2010. The band toured Canada in 2013. The group toured South America in 2015 where four fans were killed in a stampede in Chile.