Lords Of Mercy - 2006 - Iron Tyrant
Erasing The Remembrance - 2009 - Bloodrock
Mountains Of Madness - 2011 - Bloodrock
Reverse (Passaggio inverso) - 2015 - Bloodrock
The Dark Side Of Old Europa - 2020 - Time To Kill

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Drugo - Valerio Dominici - Grimness, Black Land>>Willer Donadoni>>Black Land - Omega, Nerodia, Cielo Drive, Deviate Damaen>>Giulio "Serpico" Marini>>Nerodia, Cielo Drive, Deviate Damaen, Serpico, Elhaz Norse, Velch - Sepolcrum, VII Arcano, 3rd Room, Jokers' Inc., Nerodia>>MARCO MONTAGNA>>VII Arcano, Jokers' Inc., Nerodia - Giuseppe Nantini

IV Luna, Loosin 'O' Frequencies>>ANDREA BJ CAMINITI>>IV Luna

Solifuge, Black Land, Hellblaze>>DANIELE "PINNA" AMATORI>>Black Land, Hellblaze

Black Land>>NICOLA "CYNAR" ROSSI>>Black Land

History & Biography
The doom metal band was founded in 2003 (with guitarist Alessandro Sanniti) and released the Heavy Drunken Doom demo at the end of 2004. Obscura Records released The Old Man To The Child 7”, which featured the two parts of the song. The two parts appeared as one song on the full-length debut in the same year. Two bands called Deathraiser were formed around the world around this time. It was back to demo time with 2008’s Promo Anno Doomini DDVIII. Behind The Same Cross was a Doomraiser and Midryasi single. Bloodrock handled the next album. Another split was with Earthride. Repeating the pattern was the Mountains Of Madness full-length and a split with Caronte. Marini left in 2015. Valerio died of cancer in 2016.

The band switched to Time To Kill forThe Dark Side Of Old Europa. The band opened 2023 with a show opening for The Obsessed. The group also appeared at Cornucopia Fest alongside Godwatt. Time To Kill Records released Mesmerized – A Tribute To Celtic Frost on January 26th 2024. Compiled by Alberto Penzin of Schizo, participants included Doomraiser, Kryptonomicon and Necrodeath among others.