Doomsword - 1999 - Underground Symphony
Resound The Horn - 2002 - Dragonheart
Let Battle Commence - 2003 - Dragonheart
My Name Will Live On - 2007 - Dragonheart

Doomsword image
S= Arkhe, Warhammer, Agarthi, Fiurach>>DEATHMASTER>>Fiurach, Agarthi

G= Time Machine>>Guardian Angel II>>Time Machine- THE FORGER - ALESSIO "SACRED HEART" BERLAFFA

B= Dark Omen - Agarthi, Fiurach>>GEILT>>Agarthi, Fiurach

D= Ancient, Psychofagist, Hortus Animae>>Grom>>Hortus Animae - Fiurach>>WRATHLORD>>Fiurach

History & Biography
Deathmaster of Agarthi formed Gallarate’s Doomsword in 1997. The band soon became the singer’s main band and a self-titled demo was recorded. The debut appeared on the Italian label Underground Symphony. Subsequent albums appeared on Dragonheart.

The group toured Europe with Falconer and Axenstar in 2004.


With members called Deathmaster and Wrathlord one might expect something else here. But it doesn’t take too long for Death Of Ferdia to put to rest any doubts of the uninitiated. Doomsword are truer to their name and not their chosen pseudonyms. Heavy metal of the epic battle variety is Doomsword. The guitar work, vocals and production in general are perhaps too lightweight to make a strong impact. Folk sounding vocals and passages do not add as much as they take away, witness the Gergovia, and not only its intro, as evidence. Days Of High Adventure borrows from Helloween before, aided by the vocals of Deathmaster, it is pushed into the doomy, epic again. Steel Of My Axe tries to be heavier, however maybe due its production the attempted increased impact is minimal and then when a band sounds like Manowar it can easily go wrong too. Claidheamh Solais (Sword Of Light) features the same aforementioned weaknesses. Thundercult is generally heavier. Luni is more epic sounding, again taken there in major part by Deathmaster. Once Glorious is for the true fans of the style, but one willing to tolerate more folk sounding segments. The Great Horn is much the same. Overall, My Name Will Live On fails to overwhelm. - Anna Tergel