Dormant Soul>>DORMANTH>>Dormant Soul - SPAIN

Valley Of Dreams - 1995 - Arise
Winter Comes - 2016 – Base Record
IX Sins – 2018 - Necromance
Complete Downfall – 2020 – Xtreem

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Jorge Elizalde - Nopresion, Osaleos, In Thousand Lakes>>OSCAR DEL VAL>>Osaleos, In Thousand Lakes

Elbereth>>Santi G. Mendoza – Nopresion, Osaleos>>OSCAR DEL VAL>>Osaleos – The Metal Slug>>MIGUEL ANGEL RICHART JIMENEZ>>The Metal Slug

Elbereth>>Jorge Elizalde - Nopresion, Osaleos>>OSCAR DEL VAL>>Osaleos – ISMA FERNANDEZ

Beer Mosh, In Thousand Lakes>>Javi Martinez>>In Thousand Lakes - Beer Mosh, In Thousand Lakes>>JAVI MARTINEZ>>In Thousand Lakes

History & Biography
Basque-based Dormanth was formed in 1993 featuring two former folk rock band Elbereth members and already had a record out by 1995. The band initially featured another Elbereth member on guitar, namely Maciej Zienkiewicz. The band mixed thrash, doom and heavy metal and the drummer’s consequent band would give a hint as to the sound. The Sadness demo was recorded in February of 1994. The band could also be heard on the Shadows In The Night split sampler, which it shared with Argentina’s Pandemia and Mexico’s Infestation. This disc was issued on American Line. The band and Arise Records clashed and went their separate ways with the group changing its name now without the services of Martinez.

Goes without saying that the band returned in 2015. The other members dumped the project in 2016 leaving Del Val. A compilation, called Valley Of Sadness, was released in 2016. The Spain-based guys had an album called Complete Downfall through Xtreem Music in September.