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History & Biography
Belgium is the diamond capital of the world and Double Diamond picked out the jewel of the music's crown and play pure heavy metal. Active since many years and having toured often, it was sad for a while to see that pure heavy metal could not attract a bigger fanbase. Two early demos were 1990's Reflections and 1992's Behind Your Eyes. A live CD was released and the band's full-length was produced by former Scorpions drummer Lenners. The band opened for Annihilator and Hammerfall among others. Double Diamond suffered a setback with the heart attack of its bassist, but forged on. In 2001 the band released a split-LP with After All through Steelhunter Records. Double Diamond was playing a series of dates at home with Steel Warrior in the summer of 2001. Double Diamond was busy recording the track Run If You Can for the compilation Overdrive 20 Year Tribute. Overdrive was a radio show. The band was also recording two songs for a 12' split with After All Good news arrived in 2003 when the act signed to Mausoleum Records. The heavy metallers entered Studio Midas with producer Tony De Block and recorded a debut album for Mausoleum Records. The album was entitled Ride The Wind and featured songs like Warriors Of Steel, Father Of Time and Dreams. Late 2003 new drummer by the name of Kristof Meert replaced Franken. In mid-2004 the band was joined by drummer Bart 'Wacko' Schenkel. Due to a need for new band photos and a delayed cover art, Mausoleum Records delayed the release of the Belgians band's CD Ride The Wind to September. The title was also changed to Stand Up And Fight. The band's newest drummer Bart Schenkel was hit and overrun by a car in September, 2004. He was injured, had some fractures and was unable to play for at least three months.

The band spent two days in April of 2006 at drummer Wouter’s home-studio in order to record a demo featuring the twelve songs destined for its next album. The said disc was recorded that summer for a release through Mausoleum Records. Several song titles were Hell Or Paradise, Warmachine, Firestorm and Man The Guns. More band news came the band’s way in May of 2006 when guitarist Tom was involved in a severe motorcycle accident and was hospitalized. He was undergoing some skin transplantation on his feet and back. The band would consequently play the next few shows with Steve Deleu from Ogress. The band split up in 2008.


name, and a fantasy - based cover akin to Diamond Head's Borrowed Time, this Belgian band has little in common musically with the Britons. Despite tracks like Anubis and Another Sleepless Night the quintet is not very King Diamondish either. Instead these metallers concentrate on pure HM; not far removed from many NWOBHM outfits like Satan or Blind Fury. It's classic stuff, and hence a surprise that despite the years behind the band and their opening a string of shows for Hammer Fall the band has gained so little recognition. Not that all is positive here. The band begins with its most uneven track, Operation Desert Storm, where Lemmens' voice is high in the mix and a little uneven to start. Then there's the cheesy 'let's have a beer' spoken part by the female in Crime of Passion. However, having pointed these out, DD is a true metal band with lots to offer - specially in the guitar department - nice riffs, nicer solos. The band just suffered a set back with the heart attack of their bassist but this CD is still available for $14US from PO Box 91, B - 2100 Deurne 1 Belgium.

This is a split record between Double Diamond and After All. With each band contributing two songs, here is a review of Belgium's Double Diamond who are a familiar act to The Underground Review. The first thing that hits the listener is the crystal clear sound thundering out of the speakers. The second is the true metal sounds flooding the Metallian Towers. No doubt about it, and you don't need long to figure this out, this is some of the best work Double Diamond has so far immortalized. Pure power metal, absolutely metal solos (remember Walls Of Jericho?), a hammering rhythm section and a passionate voice fill the air as Conquer With Steel takes over. It is always amusing to hear people claim they love bands like Hammerfall, but see little attention paid to a band like Double Diamond. Why? Because one band is on Nuclear Blast and the other is underground. Posers aside, this is similar to the Swedish metallers and probably because the two bands share the same influences. In fact I would wager that DD has been at it longer than the Swedes. For metal underground mavens Conquer With Steel is a top notch true metal choice. To Double Diamond I say, great cover art, more of the same and especially more of the great solos please! E-mail the label at


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