Full Scale Hatred>>DOWNLORD - DENMARK

Random Dictionary Of The Damned - 2006 - Open Grave Records

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Benediction, Warlord, Eyegouger, Bolt Thrower>>DAVE INGRAM

Iniquity>>RENE FALTHER - Power Assault, Side Effect, Superficia, Jaded>>DONOVAN SPENCELEY


Rasmus Schmidt>>Torchia, Corpus Mortale

History & Biography
The band was formed in Denmark in 2004 as Full Scale Hatred by Rene Falther, but soon became a who’s who of the Danish metal scene. Two demos emerged in the following two years. Dave Ingram has secured permission from The Church Of Satan to use lyrical excerpts from Hymn Of The Satanic Empire in the song Wake Up & Smell The Species. The hymn was written by Anton Lavey in 1988 and was included on the Satanic Mass album. The band’s debut album, Random Dictionary Of The Damned, was issued in November of 2006. Reno Killerich of Dimmu Borgir and Exmortem fame joined in 2006. The band left Open Grave Records in favour of the independent route in the middle of 2007. Drummer Rasmus Schmidt joined Corpus Mortale in 2008.


Downlord is a young band featuring former members of Iniquity, Exmortem and Benediction among others. It is to those bands that Downlord owes its allegiance. It is a relief to hear the band not seek more commercial avenues or abandon the fans which made the musicians famous in the first place.
This writer cannot tell you what Downlord means or denotes, but the fact that the group’s musical style is death metal is unmistakable., Comprised of the band’s two demos of 2005 and 2006 the limited edition EP features seventeen minutes of bottom heavy death metal with Dave Ingram’s mangled growls reminiscent of his Benediction days. The band might have potential, but this mini-CD is too muddy and primitive in sound to allow for a definitive statement. It is heavy, it is occasionally fast, but the riffs and instruments are buried too deeply to shine - whether there is a gleam there or not. Hate Brace is the standout song here, but a better bet is the band’s impending full-length. Grind Trials is for the members’ hardcore fans only. - Ali “The Metallian”

Downlord is an underground death metal band in whose ranks are a couple of prominent members of the scene as well as an equal number of unknowns. Chief among the members, in the popularity rankings, is Dave Ingram of good old Benediction fame. The album is pure death metal of the 1990-1993 variety and is only hampered by the production, which is not bad, but will never win an award for clarity either. When a band fits 15 tracks in forty minutes one knows that the songs are short, although this is hardly grindcore or hardcore. It is just that Downlord likes to get to the meat of the matter fast skipping useless intros or silly time wasters. The band is clearly Satanic and seriously so. The lyrics and notes point at Anton LaVey with a very cool sample at the end of the disc lifted from Doctor Who.
It is hard to read the band’s name on the disc’s cover so brutality maven’s should zero in on the album’s name on the all black and white cover instead. - Anna Tergel