Domine – 2006 – Avispa
Alma Irae – 2009 – Pagana
Atlas – 2014 – Rock Conexion 666
Zeitgeist – 2019 – Art Gates

Dragonfly image
S= Outer Heaven, Quelonio, Vahladian, Opera Magna>>PABLO SOLANO – JUANBA NADAL
G= Ariel Mittica – VICTOR GONZALES
B= Bernallium Project>>JUANBA NADAL>>Bernallium Project
D= Chris “El Vikingo” Scorna>>Arion – Skill To Kill>>JORGE ALCAZAR>>Skill To Kill
K= Outer Heaven>>ISAURO ALJARO

This heavy metal act has been around since the year 2000. The band decamped to Spain and with drummer Scorna’s departure became an all-Spanish outfit in 2010. The first demo was self-titled and came in 2003. Non Requiem was a 2011 demo. Many drummers came and went. Genesis was a 2017 demo. Power Metal act Dragonfly reveals details from its next album entitled Zeitgeist. It is due out through Art Gates Records worldwide on October 25th. The AGR Sessions was a 2020 live EP. The band re-recorded its 2005 Domine album with a new line-up in 2021. It was expected in December.


To the best of my recollection, Dragonfly is a band whose sounds have not had an airing at Metallian Towers. It is why the band's latest album is a disappointment. It is not something that will be played around here again.
Firstly, the band does sing in Spanish and one has to admit that it may be one factor as much as one likes to believe that the language has no effect on one's enjoyment. There are other factors at play here as well, but certainly bands like Anthem, Loudness, Warning and others have sung in languages other than English and been personal favourites for years. Dragonfly's bigger fault is that the songs come across less as metal and more as love songs. The band's dual vocal approach makes a track like Un Ultimo Adiós sound like two men serenading one another. There is a heavy presence of keyboards and slow acoustic interludes. At least, they skip the customary female vocals. Destino sounds slightly more interesting and upbeat, but that may be because the synthesizers clone Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero. The sole saving grace of this band and album is the lead guitars something that the group shows off on the aforementioned Destino. Unfortunately, while the bass is loud and occasionally earth shattering, the band has opted for the lazy approach of a drum machine and it does not sound good at all. It also limits the band's 'drum' patterns obviously.
There is a lot to criticize here unfortunately. The band promised more, but the facts do not work in the act's favour.