The Blood Of The Dragon - 2001 - Legend/Elevate
Time for Expiation - 2004 - Scarlet
The X Experiment - 2013 - My Kingdom
Obscurity - 2017 - My Kingdom
Second Life - 2022 - My Kingdom

S= Solo>>Max Aguzzi>>Solo - White Thunder>>MATTIA FLAGIOLO>>White Thunder

G= Solo>>Max Aguzzi>>Solo - Giuseppe De Paolo - Souls Unchained, Shores Of Null, Nanga Parbat>>FLAVIO CICCONI>>Souls Unchained, Shores Of Null, Nanga Parbat - Drakens Orden, Dyrnwyn>>ALESSANDRO MANCINI>>Drakens Orden, Dyrnwyn


D= Raf Condemi - Souls Unchained>>Andrea Gianangeli>>Souls Unchained, Galderia, David Reece - Demoterion, Selvans>>MARCO BERRETTONI>>Selvans

K= Alex Valdambrini - Joking With Fire, Blind Secrets>>GIULIO CATTIVERA

History & Biography
The act with keyboards was founded by Max, drummer Marino Deyana and Gae in 1999. The former would become the main songwriter. Max also sang in the band that was inspired by Rhapsody and Labyrinth. Age Of Glory was a demo a year later. The Blood of the Dragon was issued in 2001. My Kingdom Music would re-release it years later of course. The band signed with Scarlet Records and issued its second album in 2004. The act opened for Ektomorf. The act disappeared only to reappear on My Kingdom Music a decade later. There were a few concerts however. There was a second guitarist and a new keyboard man. The band supported The X Experiment with shows opening for Freedom Call in Europe. The band ventured out to Poland later.

Andrea Gianangeli debuted on the 2017 album. This record continued the concept begun by its predecessor. Max Aguzzi departed, due to the standard issue personal problems, leaving Gae as the sole original member. Gianangeli also left. My Kingdom Music issued pomp rock band Dragonhammer’s Second Life album in late 2022. The label and band had re-signed. The band still had a keyboard player, but also a new guitarist and new drummer. The band was booked for Rock Castle 2023 in the Czech Republic.