Dragonheart>>DRAGONLORD - USA

Rapture - 2001 - Spitfire
Black Wings Of Destiny - 2005 - Escapi
Dominion - 2018 - Spinefarm

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S= Testament>>ERIC PETERSON>>Testament

G= Testament>>ERIC PETERSON>>Testament - Vicious Rumors, Testament>>Steve Smyth>>Testament, Nevermore

B= Sadus, Testament, Death, Control Denied, Disincarnate, Iced Earth>>Steve DiGiorgio>>Sadus, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Anatomy Of I, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Mythodea, Gone In April, Geoda, Quadvium, Spirits Of Fire, Act Of Denial, Terra Odium - Testament>>Derrick Ramirez>>Testament

D= Sadus, Testament>>Jon Allen>>Sadus, Testament, Futures End – Arkaik, Hatriot, Battlecross, Brain Drill, Underling, Trivium>>ALEX BENT>>Arkaik, Battlecross, Brain Drill, Underling, Trivium

K= Psypheria>>LYLE LIVINGSTON>>Psypheria

History & Biography
Dragonlord is the face painted side-project of Eric Peterson of Testament. In March of 2002, DiGeorgio was replaced by Testament’s Derrick Ramirez thus strengthening the band’s Testament connections. The band would head out to Germany to play Wacken Open Air.

In 2015, Testament guitarist Eric Peterson was mixing its third Dragonlord album Dominion. It was due in early 2016 release. It would feature drummer Alex Bent from Decrepit Birth. It was instead out in 2018!


Comprised of two Sadus (Steve DiGeorgio included obviously), two Testament members and a keyboardist, Dragonlord is the black metal band of Eric Peterson of Testament who also handles the vocal duties here. Rapture presents a fast and treble black metal product with a high degree of keyboard-orientation. With keyboards so high in the mix, the band's pedigree and the lateness of the band to the black metal degree it is difficult to predict much success for Dragonlord. Spitfire obviously disagrees and to its credit wrapped Rapture in with a good presentation and promotion. The band members being who they are the musicianship is hardly lacking, so do write in telling me what you make of this and other similar releases. - Ali "The Metallian"


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