The Dragonslayer Project>>DRAGONY - AUSTRIA

Shadowplay – 2015 – Limb
Masters of The Multiverse – 2018 – Limb
Viribus Unitis – 2021 - Napalm

Dragony image
S= Eleftheria, Visions Of Atlantis>>SIEGRIED “THE DRAGONSLAYER” SAMER>>Visions Of Atlantis
B= Visions Of Atlantis>>HERBERT GLOS>>Visions Of Atlantis
D= Siren’s Cry, Planewalker>>FREDRIC BRUENNER>>Siren’s Cry, Planewalker

The Draonslayer Project existed between 2007 and 2010 only to fall at the hands of treachery from within, reverse ideals and become Dragony. The act was founded by former members of Omega Effect and Eleftheria. The group organized a show called Night Of Power 2009, which also featured Ecliptica. The band also opened for Paul Di’Anno, Sonata Arctica and others. This band issued a demo called Legends in 2011, which was re-issued by LMP in 2017, and remained the sole release until a deal with LMP brought Shadowplay. The band performed at Metal Nation as openers for Primal Fear and Brainstorm in 2012. Georg Lorenz was replaced by Manuel Hartleb and ex-Omega Effect Daniel Stockinger (who would go on to Daedric Tales) was replaced by Simon Saito. The debut album featured a Metallian Towers’ serf as its cover model. The band’s sound was one owing much to Freedom Call, but strangely to promote the debut the group released a video tribute to David Hasselhoff of Knight Rider playing the man’s True Survivor. The band also played at Vova Rock festival and opened for Gamma Ray on its 25th anniversary tour. The group commemorated its own tenth anniversary with the Lords Of The Hunt EP. The vocalist was busy singing with both his bands on tour in 2018. This release featured re-recorded and new tracks. Another crowdfunding appeal went out in 2019. Viribus Unitis (‘As United Forces’) was the Austrian Emperor’s motto and was issued by Napalm Records at the beginning of 2021. Like Legends this was a concept album. The cover featured several Austrian and Austro-Hungarian historical figures. The band was booked for the Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany for autumn of 2021.


Dragony's music can best be described in one word: uplifting. They are what Freedom Call are trying to be, Stryper always wanted to be and Savatage sadly no longer can be.
The opener The Flame of Tar Valon is about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and the order of the Aes Sedai. Dragony uses keyboards, but like in early Dio or Rainbow, they are used to accentuate, not dominate. Drums and guitars are in the foreground in the mix, as they should be on any traditional metal album. The production is crystal clear and the guitars and vocals soar! If It Bleeds We Can Kill It is a Predator reference. Arnold Schwarzenegger says in the movie: “Let's get to the chopper because if it bleeds, we can kill it!”, referencing the alien hunter creature, of course. Grey Wardens has a touch of Survivor, as the slower songs of the entire albums do. Think Eye Of The Tiger/Burning Heart era Survivor. The AOR influence is prevalent. Singer Siegfried Samer is better at high pitch than in the mid-range, though. Defenders references Priest's Defenders of the Faith, but is about Battlestar Galactica (original series!). Fallen Star references Stardust. The album's absolute highlight is Angels On Neon Wings, even more powerful than Freedom Call's Warriors, and the lyrics reference the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series (Third Impact!). Days Of High Adventure is pure AOR with a touch of Journey, even. The Iron Price is about House Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. The title track Eternia Eternal (Masters Of The Multiverse) is about the Masters Of The Universe toy line from Mattel. Yours truly is an 80s kid and played with those toys in elementary school! Nostalgia in the classic sense. The European bonus track The Touch is an experiment of sorts and should have been better left off the CD.
This band has potential galore and could become the next Powerwolf if they are managed correctly. – Andreas Herzog