To Kill Is Human - 1999 - Moribund
Extermination Revelry - 2003 - Moribund
Return Of The Black Death - 2004 - Moribund
Hail Infernal Darkness - 2006 - Moribund
Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer - 2008 - Moribund
Feeding Hell’s Furnace – 2012 – Nuclear Winter
The One Who Lurks – 2018 - Krucyator
Congregation Pestilence – 2021 - Krucyator

Drawn And Quartered image
S= Beltfed Weapon, Vetus Obscurum>>HERB BURKE>>Beltfed Weapon, Vetus Obscurum
G= Plague Bearer, Serpent Rider>>KELLY KUCIEMBA>>Plague Bearer, Serpent Rider
B= Plague Bearer>>Greg Reeves>>Plague Bearer – HERB BURKE
D= Serpent's Aeon>>Matt Cason>>Serpent's Aeon – Vetus Obscurum, Infester, Meatshits, Krohm, Evoken, Infester>>D.J. Derna>>Vetus Obscurum, Krohm, Ritual Chamber – Those Wo Lie Beneath, Vitriol, Expiration Date, Inquinok, Shaded Enmity>>SIMON DORFMAN>>Inquinok, Shaded Enmity

This Seattle gore metal band was initially called Plague Bearer (which recorded a demo called Bubonic Death) and only changed monikers halfway through the 1990's. Kelly, Matt and Herb were part of the founding line-up. The band released a self-titled demo, appeared on the Eat The Evidence sampler from New York's Mortal Coil Records before signing with Moribund Records. Plague Bearer was resurrected later as Kuciemba's side-project.

The band issued the Crusaders of Blasphemy MCD in 2002 and lost Cason to his side-project. Return Of The Black Death had a production courtesy of The Autopsy Room and was released in late 2004. Hail Infernal Darkness appeared in February, 2006. The band had signed to Moribund for two new albums in the previous year. The first 3,000 copies of Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer featured bonus material from a cancelled 2003 split 7”, demo material and a 2002 promo called Crusaders Of Blasphemy. The band announced a mini US tour for the spring of 2008 with Satan’s Host. Burke took over the bass in 2009.


Drawn And Quartered believes its pure and relentless death metal is part of the resurgence and re-elevation of the sub-genre, hence the album's title. While one may not share the band's prognosis of the metal scene, there is no questioning the band's commitment to the extremism of its music or its ability to put together death metal songs with as much elegance as a shower of razor blades. If Drawn And Quartered knows one thing that is to write songs that combine speed, heaviness and brutality. The band maintains full power during blasting moments, while the rhythms cut a trail of pain and mayhem. The vocals are deep and forbidding and the bass guitar, well just listen to them all over this great album and especially on Wiped From The Earth. Otherwise, songs after song here is a sure-fire winner with the closing song, Return Of The Black Death, probably taking the putrid cake. This can generally be described as a cross between Cannibal Corpse and Incantation, but D&Q sure holds its own and more. It sure is a pleasure having this music flow in the great halls at Metallian Towers. - Ali "The Metallian"

It was well over ten years ago when many a scene pundit (including industry types running labels until this day) concluded and loudly proclaimed that death metal has died. Someone forgot to tell Drawn And Quartered. Judging by Hail Infernal Darkness the bands is still at it recording killer death metal (forgive the redundancy) much to the chagrin of all the magazines, labels and 'journalists' who would be much more comfortable schmoozing at parties with In Flames or flying overseas to chat with Cradle Of Filth.
The band’s approach owes much to Incantation and, to a lesser degree, Immolation and early Morbid Angel. The ferocity, strength-of-purpose and sound qualities (or lack thereof depending on your perspective) of Incantation are here, as are the madness and lead work of Trey Azagthoth in his prime. The band has many nuances, melodic interludes and such, but the core of the band’s offering is head shattering, heart-pumping speedy massacres like Nightghoul Of The Graveyards. This album does not let up. Track title of the month: Escape To Cremation! - Ali “The Metallian”

Holy Hell! Another crushing instrument of destruction from Drawn And Quartered. Not deviating from its predecessor’s love for Immolation and Incantation, the bestial band remains true to the cause of uncontaminated death metal that alternately crushes in slow motion and lurches into hyper speedy bursts of anger. The band’s conviction is on record song after song, note after note, deathly growl after growl with nary a hint of slowing down. The blasting drums, incessant guitar screeches and distorted bass are a fist in the face of the weak and the wary.
It is always gratifying to find dedicated groups such as Drowned And Quartered who practice their art without hope of financial gain or reward. Fuck originality. Get Drawn And Quartered if you dare and, as a bonus, revel in the included videos. - Ali “The Metallian”


Drawn And Quartered